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Why is masterbatch indispensable for the coloring of plastic products?

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Masterbatch has covered most of our lives. It's easy to find items made of masterbatch all around you. We all know that plastic has outstanding properties over other traditional materials like wood or glass. But why is the original plastic replaced by masterbatch? Let's find out from the article.



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Color masterbatch widely and effectively solve the problem of raw materials

In the early days of the plastics industry, almost all plastic products were made from virgin resin, which was produced directly from petroleum with no other ingredients. However, there has been a dramatic drop in natural oil content due to overexploitation, which has resulted in the consequence of rising prices or crude oil in recent years. By partially replacing the main plastic in the production of plastic-based products without affecting the original properties of the pure plastic, masterbatches are highly recommended as an effective solution for a wide range of applications.



Color masterbatch is more convenient to store and handle

Compared to powder pigments, if manufacturers use masterbatches as colorants for plastics, it is much easier to store them near production without cluttering up the workspace. Employees working in these plants can also easily control the amount of masterbatch used and manipulate the entire manufacturing process, minimizing the chance of using too much of the required material and saving costs.



Color masterbatch is more conducive to environmental protection

Due to the dense and dense structure of each solid particle, color masterbatches generate less dust during production, thereby helping manufacturers control and eliminate contamination problems inside factories. At the same time, pigments disperse well into the air during the manufacturing stage, a situation that can contaminate adjacent production lines. Compared to traditional undispersed pigment powders, these dust-free masterbatches not only keep factory workspaces clean, but are also safer and less likely to pose health risks to workers and consumers.


Masterbatch manufacturers can more easily control the appearance of their products

Masterbatches improve the dispersion of colorants in plastics and plastic additives to an optimal level. It provides better color consistency, allowing manufacturers to easily control and manage the opacity and transparency of the final product. Compared to pigments, masterbatches have these advanced properties because they are specifically designed and engineered for optimal dispersion in plastic matrices. As a result, less plastic colorant is required during processing, helping producers make more profits.


Masterbatch has more added value

The masterbatch appears to be able to impart more added value to the final product than the primary plastic because it contains functional additive concentrates with beneficial properties such as UV resistance, anti-blocking, and flame retardancy. Flame retardants, antioxidants, optical brighteners, smoother surfaces, etc. Thanks to the addition of these features, the quality of the final product has been improved while the price has been reduced, making it more attractive to customers.



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