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Why do we recommend that you choose masterbatch?

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Colorful products always grab our attention directly, but have you ever thought about color masterbatches that bring visual appeal to these products? To provide color to polymers, pigments or masterbatches are used. What is the difference between masterbatch and pigment?


Pigments are solid and dry coloring substances. They are usually suspended in liquid solutions to make dyes, inks and paints. On the other hand, masterbatches are more advanced. They are encapsulated by polymers and have specific concentrations of additives and pigments. Both pigments and masterbatches are used to color polymer products. However, manufacturers often prefer masterbatches. Do you know the reasons? Let us find the answers form the following article.



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Reasons to choose masterbatch

1. Since the masterbatch is in granular form, it is easy to store, move and handle. Pigments, on the other hand, are difficult to manage because they come in powder form.

2.When the masterbatch is superior to the pigment, the masterbatch can be conveniently handled during the manufacturing process.During the manufacturing process, the pigments are easily spread in the air. This can lead to contamination of adjacent production lines.

3. It is easy to match the binder used in the masterbatch with the polymer for a better melting process.

4. Compared with raw pigments, masterbatches can provide products with excellent color consistency. Predetermined proportions of additive ingredients can be included in the masterbatch. This reduces the chance of discrepancies in processing.

5. Additive concentrates may be included in the masterbatch to provide advantageous properties such as flame retardancy, optical brightening, UV stability and chemical resistance. This helps limit the number of feeds in the process.

6. The masterbatch is carefully designed and engineered for optimal dispersion in the polymer matrix. This results in an excellent color distribution in the final product. Pigments themselves, on the other hand, do not disperse well.

7. If the pigment is used directly, the pigment will absorb water and oxidize due to the direct contact with the air during storage and use. After the masterbatch is made, the resin carrier isolates the pigment from air and moisture, which can improve the quality of the pigment. long-term unchanged. Custom color masterbatch and monochromatic masterbatch help maintain the chemical stability of pigments.

8. The color masterbatch is similar to the resin particle, which is more convenient and accurate in measurement. It will not adhere to the container during mixing, and the mixing with the resin is also more uniform, so it can ensure the stability of the addition amount, thereby ensuring the stability of the product color.

9. The amount of pigment in the masterbatch is less. However, when the product is in raw and powder form, the amount of pigment required for the product increases.

10. You have more control over the opacity of your colored products using masterbatches.



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