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Why are white masterbatches widely used in the food packaging industry?

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With the wide application of modern food packaging, plastic color masterbatch has become more and more important. As an important part of plastic processing, color master batch plays a role in protecting product quality and shaping packaging bags. Food packaging grade masterbatch not only meets food-grade national standards, but also meets US FDA standard certification, environmental protection and sanitation requirements, and is used for coloring plastic products for food packaging and plastic drinking water pipes. Generally, color plastic masterbatch is widely used in products of injection molding, blow molding, and blister molding.


34. white color masterbatch

What are the applicable processing techniques for white masterbatch?


There are many processing techniques for white masterbatch, covering injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, blister molding, blown film, compression molding processes, etc. And white masterbatch are used more in injection molding, blow molding, and blister process products.


The advantages of white masterbatch in food packaging industry


White plastic masterbatch as an important material for the production of plastic packaging, then white masterbatc make plastic products have many advantages in physical characteristics.



Eye-catching packaging is one of the key factors to attract buyers these days. The plastic made by adding white color masterbatch improves the brightness and opacity of the easier and prevent the color from fading in harsh environments.


Extend the shelf life of the product

White masterbatch can prevent food and liquid from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. It can balance the moisture content inside the box by enhancing the heat resistance and reduce the oxidation process that may lead to food spoilage.


Reasonable price and low cost

The addition of plastic white color masterbatch to plastic products can give the product good physical properties, which can help improve the production quality of the final product, thereby reducing the material cost of plastic manufacturers. Because white masterbatch can help manufacturers shorten production time and save raw materials, and the resulting plastic products still have good performance.


The product is light in weight

When customers buy products, customers need to consider many factors. In addition to price factors, the convenience of products is also an indispensable convenience that customers need to consider when making purchasing decisions. With the improvement of people's living standards, compared with some heavier products, people may prefer to buy products that are environmentally friendly and convenient to carry. In the face of more and more demands for lightweight packaging, adding white masterbatch to plastic products can make plastic packaging lighter and maintain product durability.


Increase the size of the package

Adding white plastic masterbatch to plastic products can not only enhance the whiteness and aesthetics of plastic products, but also increase the size of plastic product packaging. This characteristic is widely used in fruit bottles, milk bottles, retail packaging and more.


In conclusion, adding white masterbatch to plastic products has many advantages. If you want to choose high-quality white masterbatch and find a professional white masterbatch manufacturer for your plastic products, you can get more product information about white masterbatch from Ningbo Colour Master Batch.