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Why are polymer masterbatches popular? What is the main purpose?

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Color masterbatch is the colored plastic particles granulated by the manufacturer after mixing resin raw materials and pigment additives. Its main function is to color. Because it is evenly mixed with the matrix resin, the user directly interacts with the matrix resin and other substances. The mixture of additives can produce colored plastic products. In other words, the masterbatch is the raw material for plastic colorants. Why can masterbatch become the first choice colorant in many industries?


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Benefits of using polymer masterbatch

The use of additive masterbatch can further improve the dispersibility, so as to better maintain the consistency and stability of the product. For example, to produce the same weight of additives, the masterbatch can allow mixing between particles or be added in the extruder to reduce the amount of more compound. For the same production of 200 pounds of polymer, the granular masterbatch is used in a larger amount, but it is very easy to mix. On the contrary, the powdered masterbatch needs to rely on precise equipment for measurement and mixing, which undoubtedly increases the workload and cost input.


Many additives are inherently dangerous, and leakage can easily cause a certain degree of damage. The masterbatch can encapsulate the additives in the resin, which greatly reduces the risk. Masterbatch encapsulation additives make the handling safer. Returning to the masterbatch itself, the safety performance of the additives in the masterbatch itself is higher. No color pigments or other powdery additives will float, overflow or statically adhere to the surface, which will make the production area cleaner and tidy and reduce all kinds of pollution.


The additive after the masterbatch encapsulation not only guarantees the safety of production, but also enables the additive itself to obtain better stability. The additives in the masterbatch can effectively protect the additives from humidity and temperature hazards, thereby extending the shelf life of the additives themselves, and further reducing the cost.


The specific performance of masterbatch used as industrial raw material

The application of masterbatch to specific industries will further increase the final performance of the product, which is mainly reflected in injection molding. Let's take titanium dioxide as an example to understand the specific performance. The coloring ability of titanium dioxide is also very obvious, and the specific amount usually required will determine the color of the final product. The whiteness of titanium dioxide is also relatively adjustable, and usually plastic products with the same content will not have much difference in appearance. The dispersibility of titanium dioxide also affects the cost of masterbatch production and the appearance of the final product, so highly dispersible titanium dioxide can play a better role.


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