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What should you know about the advantages of white masterbatch?

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The definition of white masterbatches


White color masterbatches have a wide range of uses, such as the production of injection molding products, blown film plastic bags, and the production of cast films. Because of the high content of titanium dioxide in the white masterbatch, the plastic products produced have high brightness and good performance in terms of temperature resistance, without any influence on the physical properties of the raw materials themselves.


29.1 functional white masterbatch

The advantages of white masterbatches


lThe white plastic masterbatch fixes the colorant in the carrier, so it can avoid the contact between the colorant and the air, prevent the color quality change caused by oxidation and moisture, and is beneficial to the production of pure color quality plastic products.

lThe use of white masterbatch eliminates the extrusion and granulation processes, which not only simplifies the operation but also helps to ensure that the performance of the resin is not affected.

lThe use of white masterbatch can also purify the environment without flying dust, reduce storage materials and save energy. It can promote cleaner production in the downstream plastic products industry. The use of color masterbatch in the production of plastic products can generally reduce the discharge of dust, sewage, and other pollutants, protect the health of employees, and reduce the waste of colorants, which is in line with the national industrial policy orientation and green industry trends. When downstream plastic manufacturers add and mix traditional powdered coloring materials, it is easy to cause dust to fly, which may cause health damage to production personnel, and requires frequent cleaning of the working environment, resulting in a large amount of pigment wastewater discharge. In addition, the dispersibility of traditional powdery coloring materials in resins is worse than that of color masterbatch, resulting in more additions under the same coloring requirements. However, the liquid coloring material is easy to spill when it is added and mixed, and it may flow out during cleaning, which may easily cause water pollution. The color masterbatch disperses the colorant in the carrier resin, and there is less dust during the addition and mixing process. The downstream product enterprises that use the colour master batch for coloring have a clean production environment, easy cleaning, and reduced wastewater discharge, which is suitable for the clean production of downstream plastic product manufacturers Trends and requirements. Masterbatch has good dispersibility and reduces the waste of colorants.

lTaking white masterbatch for whitening can accurately control the whiteness according to the product specifications, and the whiteness has good reproducibility.

lIn dry whitening, the particle size of the fluorescent whitening agent and the plastic is very different, and it is difficult to disperse uniformly. Although it can be remedied by adding an adhesive, the effect is not ideal. The color material used in the white masterbatch has been ultra-micro-processed, so the coloring effect and concealment are better.

lSince the colorant is evenly dispersed in the carrier plastic during the manufacture of the White Master Batch, the diameter of the white masterbatch particles is close to that of the resin particles, thereby ensuring that the colorant has a good dispersibility during processing.

lReduce the cost of comprehensive downstream use. Since the color plastic masterbatch and the resin particles are similar in shape, it is more convenient and accurate in measurement, and will not stick to the container during mixing, thus saving the time of cleaning the container and the machine and the raw materials used for the cleaning machine. A small amount of color functional masterbatch is added to a large amount of resin and processed once to become a product. Compared with the modified plastic technology that has to go through two processing processes from resin to product, most materials experience one less processing process, which not only saves processing costs but also helps maintain product performance. Functional white masterbatch presents a certain substitution trend for modified plastics.


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