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What is the connection between the automotive wire industry and plastic masterbatch?

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In 2019, 4.8 million electric vehicles were put into use, and more than 50% were in China. The goal of reducing air pollution emissions and the greater environmental sensitivity of users have promoted the development of electric vehicles. This trend has prompted auto parts manufacturers to provide lighter and higher-performance components. Do you know the connection between the automotive wire industry and plastic masterbatches? The following article tells you the answer.


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The development trend of automotive wire industry

In wire production, there is a trend to increase speed, reduce insulation thickness and shorten the length of the extruder-all of these factors will have a positive impact on the quality of the first time. Optimize manufacturing and assembly processes to maximize efficiency, thereby improving product quality and the realization of competitiveness.


In order to meet the technical requirements, perfect dispersion and excellent dilution, the wire must also have low dosage levels, high speed production and improved processability. Color is an important part of the wiring industry. Color coding can identify each wire so that its circuit and purpose can be easily distinguished when repairing or diagnosing electrical problems. The durability of the color under the conditions of use must be considered, because the color must be identifiable throughout the life of the vehicle. In addition, it is necessary to connect and identify the terminals in the wiring harness.


Color intensity is another important point. The simplest but not cost-effective way to manage color shortages is to increase LDR% to compensate for adding more masterbatch. In order to avoid using high-concentration masterbatches and correct pigments for important tasks, these can provide you with the correct color intensity. Custom color masterbatch, monochromatic masterbatch and colorific masterbatches are playing an increasingly important role.



The relationship between the automotive wire industry and masterbatch

Due to the continuous increase in production speed, the reduction of extruder length and the thickness of insulation, the challenge for masterbatch is to dilute and fully blend into the color under these more demanding conditions. Similarly, color concentrates are also facing the challenge of competing with the compounds used by wire manufacturers.


The color masterbatch must also have perfect dispersibility, unify the polymer matrix and the separately separated pigment crystals at an appropriate melting point; facilitate rapid dilution, and avoid sparks or surface irregularities in the insulating layer;



The high demand for electric vehicles and the high quality requirements for them are reflected in the greater demand for new materials or new formulations. In automotive wiring, new materials are becoming more and more popular in the supply chain, such as fluoropolymers and silicones; both have high-performance temperature and resistance.


The market is evolving every day, and the automotive market is even more unpredictable. It has revolutionized more complex electronic systems and promoted electric vehicles that are parallel to self-driving cars. As a professional masterbatch manufacturer, we are constantly updating and appearing where we are needed!