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What is the Importance of Color Masterbatch in Plastic Industry?

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With the application and development of polymer composite coloring materials, the coloring technology of color masterbatch products has become the mainstream trend of coloring of polymer materials due to its non-waste pollution, energy saving, cost-effective coloring, and it is very convenient to meet customer composite functional requirements. In this article, we will take you to understand the importance of color master batch in plastic industry.


The application of color materbatch


We know that color masterbatch granule is a new type of polymer composite coloring material made by synthetic resin as carrier, which adds high proportion of pigment and dispersant and other additives through physical blending, melt mixing, dispersion, extrusion, pelletizing and other processes. And it is mainly used in the chemical fiber industry and plastic products. Masterbatch coloring technology plays important role in plastic industry, and it has obvious environmental protection advantages.


65-Color masterbatch granule

The importance of color masterbatch in plastic industry


The small color masterbatch is a colorant which is superior to other common colorants and pigments for plastics, since it can bring various vivid colors for different plastic products. With the development of society, people have high requirements for the choice of consumption. They not only need the products with eye-catching and attractive appearances, but also need the products with attractive price. We know that the products with good quality also needs the beautiful appearance, otherwise, on the market, the sale amount of products will be reduced greatly, which will cause the profits of investors and manufacturers decreasing directly. And the use of colored plastic masterbatch is indispensible for the process of plastic production. It is very important for the plastic production, since it can improve the quality of the plastics, and make the color of plastics vivid and beautiful.


In addition, color masterbatch particles also have the function of increasing the coverage for plastics, and it can make various plastic products more durable, so that these plastics can have a long service life when using. In our daily life, you often see that many accessories of cars or outdoor furniture are colored in black due to using black masterbatch. In fact, the black have the function of protective coat, which can protect the products outsides exposed from being damaged because of the extreme weather conditions, such as strong sunlight, rain, wind UV rays etc.


The important thing is that coloring master batch can bring the most advanced technique for the color of plastic. Comparing with other conventional coloring agents, color masterbatch can maintain the color of the products longer. Maybe you will be curious why it can keep the color of the plastics longer than other pigments or dyes. In the traditional ways, people use print, spray or plate to add color on the surface of the products, in this way, it only can cover the exterior surface of the plastics, and cannot keep the color of the product for a long time, even if this way can save cost. But, if using colored plastic masterbatch particles, it can be added directly into the plastic mixture, and the pigments can be spread evenly under the high temperature.