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What is a functional masterbatch?

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Do you know what is a functional masterbatch? How many types of functional masterbatch can be divided? Functional masterbatch refers to the concentrate of various plastic additives. Adding additives directly is not easy to disperse, and the use efficiency is not high. Therefore, they are usually added in the form of a masterbatch. Let us learn the relevant knowledge of functional masterbatch together.


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Basic knowledge of functional masterbatch

Functional masterbatch particle size: the granular solid composed of 0.1~3mm particle size is a powdery solid. 0.1mm (100μm) is a powder composed of fine particles; 1~10μm is a fine powder; 0.1~1μm is an ultrafine powder; >3mm is a broken solid block. The smaller the particle size, the denser the resulting mixture. However, the smaller the particle size of the same solid, the easier it is for the particles to adsorb and agglomerate each other. This kind of agglomerate is not easy to crack when mixed with another solid particle, and it is also difficult to disperse in the plastic melt.


The particle size distribution of the functional masterbatch: the powder with a wide particle size distribution is more densely packed than the powder with a narrow particle size distribution. Because the small particle size can enter the gap between the large particles, it is difficult to mix two powders with large particle size differences.



Classification of functional masterbatch

Moisture absorption and defoaming masterbatch: it is composed of metal oxides, fat additives,


Flame retardant masterbatch: it is composed of flame retardant and resin additives


Conductive masterbatch: the long copper fiber and resin are wrapped and pelletized.


Foaming masterbatch: it is composed of composite foaming agent, lubricant, dispersant and coloring agent


Anti-ultraviolet masterbatch: It is made by superposing two kinds of anti-ultraviolet agents, and then with carrier, dispersant and other auxiliary agents.


Weather resistant masterbatch: It is composed of light stabilizer, resin and auxiliary agent.


Cooling masterbatch: mainly used for PP, which can be cooled to between 30 and 50 degrees


Brightening masterbatch: also called bright masterbatch, the purpose is to improve the brightness of the product. Generally, the amount of color masterbatch is 20%-30%, and the product is 0.2%-0.3%. Too much will affect the saturation of the product and the printing effect .


Perfume masterbatch: the fragrance lasts for 10 to 12 months, which can be used in toys and daily necessities.



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