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What industries and fields are black masterbatches used in?

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Black masterbatch can be said to be the top three in the global masterbatch market. If you are a professional manufacturer, you will find that black masterbatch is widely used in a variety of industries and fields. Let's explore some examples of how these black masterbatches are used.


Masterbatch has always been a very important link in plastic products, because they can make plastic products more beautiful appearance. This year's data report clearly shows that the market size of black masterbatch is growing. Despite negative growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market share of masterbatch will continue to increase in the long run.


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How are black masterbatches made?

Black carbon pigment is the main raw material of black masterbatch. Manufacturers mix carbon pigments with raw resins and additives to form particles. Of course, this ratio will be adjusted according to the different needs of the final product. The special composition and shape of the masterbatch make it an ideal choice for colorants. Why are granular masterbatches so popular with manufacturers? This is because masterbatch has the following advantages. First, the dispersion of masterbatch is very large, which can be distributed more evenly on the surface of the product. Second, the black masterbatch allows the manufacturer to add more additives into it to further optimize the final product. Third, the black masterbatch is very suitable for mass production, which makes it in sharp contrast to other compounds. These obvious advantages have led to a growing demand for black masterbatches.


What industries need black masterbatch?

In fact, the automotive industry is the largest application area in the black masterbatch market. Due to continuous innovation in the automobile industry, a large number of plastic products are used in the automobile industry. So how does black masterbatch apply to this kind of industry? Often engineered compounds are embedded with large amounts of black masterbatch, which gives the final product a more attractive appearance. These substances are used in many parts of a car, such as the body, bumper, tires and window seals. These black compounds contain a variety of additives and enhancers to preserve the color while preventing external factors from damaging the surface. In other words, the insertion of black masterbatch greatly improves product performance and service life.


Second, garbage bags and plastic bags are also one of the common applications of black masterbatch. Because the black masterbatch is granular, it can be more evenly distributed on the surface of the product when making the packaging film, and finally form a satisfactory finished product.


Third, the pipeline industry will also widely use black masterbatch. The application of black masterbatch in this industry can not only provide beautiful appearance for the final product but also make the product surface form a protective film, and then improve the wear resistance of the product and other properties.


What is regenerative black masterbatch?

The continuous development of masterbatch market has promoted the emergence of regenerative black masterbatch. These masterbatches, which contain 100% recycled ingredients, can greatly help manufacturers save on various costs.


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