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What do you need to pay attention to when using white masterbatches?

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Color Masterbatch is a new type of special colorant for polymer materials. The existence of colour master batch makes plastic products colorful. Among the many colors of masterbatch, white masterbatch has become a conventional color for the production of plastic products and has a wide range of uses. So this article will introduce you what you should pay attention to when you are using white masterbatch for your plastic products.


What are white masterbatch?


White masterbatch is a new type of polymer composite coloring material which is made of high proportion of colorant, carrier resin and various auxiliaries through good dispersion. Colorant is the basic component of color masterbatch, and its content is generally between 20% and 80%. White masterbatch usually has bright color, good dispersibility and high concentration, and is widely used in injection molding, blow molding, film blowing, sheet, etc. In addition, white color masterbatch are often widely used in plastic products industry because of their good whiteness, excellent hiding power and heat resistance.


32. white color masterbatch

Factors you need to consider when choosing white masterbatch



White masterbatch usually uses titanium dioxide, barium sulfate, zinc sulfide, calcium carbonate and other colorants, among which titanium dioxide is an important factor affecting the whiteness of white masterbatch. The size, shape and type and content of impurities of titanium dioxide particles will all affect the whiteness of the white colour masterbatch. The whiteness of the white masterbatch made from titanium dioxide is better than that of the sulfuric acid method due to the high purity of the white masterbatch prepared with titanium dioxide as the raw material by the chlorination method and less impurities in the preparation process.


Hiding power

Hiding power is also an important selection indicator when you are choosing white masterbatches. High-quality white masterbatches tend to have good hiding power, which means that the pigment has strong coloring ability. The hiding power of white masterbatch depends on the choice of titanium dioxide. The particle size of the titanium dioxide is small and the particle size distribution is narrow, so the hiding power of the white masterbatch is better.


White masterbatches can be used in the food film industry. Some manufacturers can smell an odor after using the white filler masterbatch, which cannot occur in the milk film and the film contacting food. Since the titanium dioxide in the white masterbatch is organic, the choice of additives in the processing process will cause this situation to occur.


Generally speaking, the fluidity of white masterbatch can be expressed by melt index (MI). When this value is lower, the fluidity of the white masterbatch is low, and when this value is higher, the fluidity of the white masterbatch is higher. At the same time, the good fluidity of the white masterbatch means that the processability of the white masterbatch is good.


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