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What do you know about white masterbatch?

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The White masterbatch is a new type of polymer composite coloring material made with a high proportion of colorants, carrier resins, and various additives after good dispersion. The coloring agent is the basic component of masterbatch, and the content is generally between 20% and 80%. White masterbatches usually use titanium dioxide, barium sulfate, lithopone, zinc sulfide, calcium carbonate, etc. as colorants. Black masterbatches use carbon black as colorants, and color masterbatches use azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, and quinacridones. Ketone pigments, iron oxide red, metal powder, pearl powder, and dyes are colorants. Resin is the carrier of the White Master Batch, which has the properties of being softened by heat and hardened by cooling, and it does not have the characteristics of the chemical reaction. The resin is melted and sheared to make the colorant evenly distributed in it. To ensure the compatibility of the carrier with the colored plastic, the resin of the same type as the colored plastic is usually selected as the carrier to facilitate the better dispersion of the colorant. Dispersants are additives, which can promote the uniform dispersion of the colorant in the resin and no longer agglomerate. At present, the commonly used dispersants include polyethylene low-molecular wax, stearate, ethylene glycol, and so on. According to the use and performance requirements of the product, various other additives such as antistatic agents, antioxidants, brighteners, light stabilizers, foaming agents, antibacterial agents, matting agents, and antistatic agents must be added during the preparation of masterbatch. Varieties such as inflammable agents, which give plastic products special functions.


The classification of white masterbatch


White color masterbatch can be divided into ordinary masterbatch and functional masterbatch according to whether it has special functions. Ordinary masterbatch can meet the coloring of plastic products; functional Master Batch gives specific functions while coloring plastic products, such as Making the colored plastic products have one or more functions and characteristics such as antistatic, weather resistance, foaming, antibacterial, matting, and flame retardant. According to the purpose, it can be divided into white injection masterbatch, white filler masterbatch, white desiccant masterbatch, and so on. According to the carrier, it can be divided into ABS masterbatch, HIPS masterbatch, PET white masterbatch, PP masterbatch, PVC masterbatch, EVA masterbatch, PA masterbatch, etc.


26.2 White color masterbatch

The advantages of white masterbatch


White masterbatches have good weather resistance and heat resistance.

White masterbatches have high thermal stability under processing conditions, which can reduce TiO2 agglomeration.

White masterbatches have bright color, high color strength, strong hiding power and better whiteness.


Industrial application


1. Used for thick and thin wall processes such as injection, blow molding, and extrusion molding.

2. For single-layer and multi-layer films

3. Food packaging applications

4. Weather resistance application

5. For high-speed machines

6. Thermal stability

7. Production of non-woven fabrics

8. Used to make daily necessities into bottles, lids, water tanks, disposable cups, etc.


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