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What determines the quality of the black masterbatch?

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Black masterbatch is a combination of high-quality carbon black pigments, pure polyethylene and specific additives. It has a pivotal position in the plastic products industry and creates a good appearance for a large number of plastic products. For manufacturers in the plastics industry, choosing high-quality black masterbatch can create great value for production and can also bring better products to the market. So how to define the quality of black masterbatch? What factors affect the quality of black masterbatch?


49-2Black masterbatch


Black masterbatch is produced using carbon black, which is a dirty mixture. In addition to being dirty, carbon black is also difficult to disperse. If the raw material carbon black is directly injection molded, the coloring effect will be poor. Because of this, many masterbatch manufacturers also find this problem very difficult. In order to further solve the problem of dispersion, some manufacturers who are willing to invest in the cost will choose to introduce advanced cutting mixers to mix carbon black, so that carbon black and the original plastic can be well integrated.



Maybe you have purchased a very high-quality black masterbatch, but this does not mean that your production process will be very smooth. Once the masterbatch cannot be perfectly mixed with the plastic, the final product will still not satisfy the market. Some manufacturers who are pursuing low cost will choose the base resin as the raw material of the black masterbatch, which will reduce the compatibility between the plastic and the masterbatch. It is worth noting that when the dispersibility and compatibility are not high, the final manufacturer will have to increase the dilution rate to compensate. However, this will only increase the cost of purchasing more black masterbatches.


black masterbatch for garbage bags

Stability and practicality

Different types of carbon black masterbatches have different characteristics, and there is also a big gap in color and price. For example, large black masterbatches are more suitable for making garbage bags rather than professional beauty products, while small black masterbatches are suitable for more high-end products such as TV signs. On the other hand, the stability of the black masterbatch is also the focus of customers' pursuit. If the percentage of carbon black fluctuates, the amount of molten masterbatch required is different. At that moment, it is impossible to create the same color as the product.


Our masterbatch

Based on these influencing factors, our company will choose higher quality raw materials when producing black masterbatch. We provide customers with the best experience of plastic products that require stable coverage and solid colors, and provide enterprises with samples and technical and consulting support. We have a variety of standard masterbatch products, and can also provide you with customized services. Only high-quality masterbatch products can create greater benefits for your flight. If you have relevant industry needs, please contact us. We will provide you with the most professional advice and buying guide.