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What are the characteristics of functional masterbatch?

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Masterbatch is a substance formed by mixing resin and a large amount of dyes, and the final color is usually very bright. So what are the specific ingredients of general masterbatch? Why can various industries pursue masterbatch?


50-3Masterbatches used in the Plastic Industry

What are the specific ingredients of the masterbatch?

Dyes are the biggest contributor to the final coloration of the masterbatch. This chemical substance can give different masterbatch or ideal color effect very well. Generally speaking, if the dyes in the masterbatch are distributed evenly, the final coloring effect will be more ideal. The ability of the pigment to be uniformly dispersed in the masterbatch is closely related to the dispersion performance of the pigment itself, and the dispersion performance of the pigment itself is related to its chemical structure. In order to promote the dispersion of pigments, dispersants and appropriate carriers are often added to the masterbatch to achieve good color effects.


As mentioned above, dispersant is also one of the important factors that determine the quality of masterbatch. Ordinary dyes will undergo some condensation during the mixing process, which will reduce the rendering effect of the final masterbatch, and dispersants can solve this problem well. Mixing the dispersant into the dye can disperse the dye into specific small particles, making the processing process smoother.


In addition to the above two factors, the carrier is also an important part of the masterbatch production process. The carrier can be said to be the final push to make the masterbatch into particles, because it can carry the pigment. During the processing, the carrier can disperse the dye more evenly, so that the color masterbatch and the matrix resin have good compatibility.


The last is the influence of the external environment. Professionals know that polymer materials will be affected by oxygen and other objective factors during the processing process to cause oxidation reactions. The oxidation reaction will cause the appearance to turn yellow, and the product properties will become brittle. In order to prolong the service life of polymer materials, the oxidation of polymer materials should be suppressed or delayed. Usually antioxidants are added to improve the heat resistance and colorability of the color masterbatch by using the principle of synergy.


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What role should the masterbatch have?

Since masterbatch can be used as a raw material for many industries, it must have some outstanding advantages. As an indispensable material of intention in the plastic products industry, it can greatly improve the molding of plastics. Using this kind of functional masterbatch can not only facilitate the operation of forming and processing, but also improve product quality, but also improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


Masterbatch can change some properties of plastic products to a great extent. For example, a smooth masterbatch can reduce the friction on the surface of the finished product, an open masterbatch can monitor the twist of the bottle cap opening, and a filling masterbatch can improve the mechanical properties in plastic production.


All the benefits show that the masterbatch has unique advantages and can provide various certification functions for the plastics, automobile and other industries. If you are also choosing higher quality masterbatch products for your application, please discuss with us. We are waiting for your visit.