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What are the applications of color masterbatch in plastic industry?

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Color masterbatch is an aggregate made by uniformly attaching super constant pigments or dyes to resin. Products related to color masterbatch in daily life, such as household appliances, cars, toys, daily chemical packaging materials, office supplies, cables and pipes, chemical fibers, non-woven fabrics, food packaging materials, etc. Both have a great correlation with color masterbatch. In addition, in order to meet various special needs, color functional masterbatch can also add additives to produce various types of modified products, such as flame retardant, antireflection, antibacterial, antistatic, antioxidant and other additives.

Application of color masterbatch in automobile plastic parts industry

Lightweight and environmental protection are the main direction of the development of automotive materials. Reducing the weight of the vehicle itself has been recognized as one of the effective measures to reduce vehicle emissions and improve combustion efficiency.

With the continuous development of plastic modification technology, more and more automobile parts have met the design requirements of plastic materials, and the application of plastic in automobile has also expanded from traditional decorative parts to functional parts. With the continuous improvement of automobile lightweight level, the consumption of automobile plastics at home and abroad will be further increased in the future. Therefore, the application space of plastics and plastic color masterbatch in automobile industry is very broad.

Application of color masterbatch in household appliance plastic parts industry

The application of color masterbatch in household appliances can be seen everywhere. Plastic materials are applied to varying degrees in household TVs, washing machines, microwave ovens, fans, acoustics and so on. Color plastic masterbatch plays an important role in the coloring of household appliances. The use of color masterbatch can ensure the uniform and stable color of home appliance shell and improve the performance.

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Application of color masterbatch in plastic packaging industry

More than a quarter of modern plastic production is used to make plastic packaging materials. With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers' requirements for product packaging are also increasing. Plastic packaging products have good development prospects because of their wide variety, superior performance, strong adaptability and wide application, which will drive the market demand for color masterbatch. In daily life, the packaging of our common color masterbatch applications include food, drugs, cosmetics, etc. And colorful plastic functional masterbatch has anti ultraviolet, anti-oxidation and other characteristics.

In general, household appliances, automobiles, packaging and other industries have high requirements for the coloring of masterbatch and large consumption. Its development plays an important role in promoting the development of color masterbatch market.

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