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What are the advantages of masterbatch for plastic products?

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Color masterbatch is a polymer composite coloring material made by resin as a carrier, adding a high proportion of pigments, dispersants and functional additives, through high-speed mixing, melt kneading, extrusion, cooling and pelletizing. It has a coloring effect. Good, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, convenient storage and transportation, etc., are widely used in the coloring field of plastic products. Do you know the advantages of masterbatch for plastic products?


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Advantages of masterbatch for plastic products

Generally, the masterbatch is in liquid or granular form, consisting of a concentrated mixture of pigments, dyes, or additives, and is used to color plastic products. The masterbatch is used to replace full-color composite materials, and is mainly called pre-color. This option may be more expensive due to minimum quantities, inventory requirements, and obsolescence, and master batches can alleviate these challenges. So we think that plastic masterbatch and additive masterbatch are suitable for plastic products.


The advantages of liquid pigments include: long-term production runs well, updated computer-controlled pumps can achieve consistent delivery, and upfront costs can be reduced. The challenge of using liquid color masterbatch is: when a higher content is required, the liquid will cause the screw to slip, the liquid carrier resin will separate from the color itself over time, offline mixing or peripheral online equipment (such as agitator) is required, housekeeping issues Due to the constant threat of hose and tube equipment failure due to wear and tear.


The advantages of granular masterbatches for plastic parts include: reduced housekeeping, zero waste and quick replacement. Finally, it avoids all hidden costs, such as additional hoses and tube sets required for liquid color, mixing and consolidation. A historical advantage enjoyed by liquids over granular masterbatches is rooted in economics. In other words, new particle technologies have emerged in the past few years, which can reduce costs and eliminate processing problems.


We can provide outdoor products with a 10-year warranty at an average dilution rate of 1% by bundling pigments and UV/AO together. These granular colorant technologies use the industry's highest loading of pigments, dyes and/or additive packages. The dispersibility of the colorant is very good, and it can be effectively distributed in large and small parts at a lower cost.




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