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What are the advantages of flame retardant masterbatch?

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With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, polymer materials, especially synthetic polymers: such as plastics and rubber, are becoming more and more important in people’s lives. However, most organic polymer materials have varying degrees of flammability in the air. In order to achieve their applications in many industries such as military, aerospace, transportation, electric power, and civilian use, flame retardant modification has become a new topic. At present, the ideal flame-retardant modification method for plastics is often to increase the fire-retardant performance of plastics by adding products such as flame retardants or flame-retardant masterbatches. This article will introduce you to the advantages of flame retardant masterbatch.


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Advantages of flame retardant masterbatch

1. Improve efficiency. The use of flame-retardant plastic masterbatch makes the weighing of materials more convenient, shortens the time, improves work efficiency, improves mixing efficiency, and makes the materials more compact and uniform, avoiding the use of powder sinking pots to appear layered and uneven condition. Unmanned operation of automatic suction machine can also be used if possible.


2. Environmental protection. Using flame-retardant black masterbatch, plastic particles are directly mixed and used, there is no dust flying phenomenon as a whole, the screw feed port is clean, there is no adhesion to the screw, no cross-contamination, safer refueling, and stable product quality.


3. Improve productivity. Because the feed rate of the flame-retardant color masterbatch is smoother than that of the powder, and the material in the screw is easier to plasticize and mix, the friction is reduced, the screw speed can be appropriately increased, and the production capacity can be increased by 30%.


4. Reduce costs. With the advancement of technology and the continuous development of carrier plastics and equipment, high concentration, high dispersion, and high compatibility have become possible. A small amount of carrier is no longer the main factor affecting the flame retardancy. The flame retardant masterbatch and the powder flame retardant are exchanged in equal amounts, the flame retardant effect is the same, and the flame retardant efficiency is improved. Coupled with the concentration of the flame-retardant masterbatch components of organic resources, collective procurement and cost reduction, the cost advantage of flame-retardant masterbatch has been protected, enabling customers to effectively reduce costs.


5. Good dispersion. Since the flame-retardant masterbatch itself is completely plasticized at low temperature and then plasticized again, the dispersibility will be better after use, and the material properties, gloss and surface will be improved accordingly.


6. Flame-retardant masterbatch and anti rodent masterbatch are used in plastics, which can achieve many advantages such as high flame-retardant efficiency, environmental protection, improved production efficiency, and convenient use. This makes it an effective substitute for traditional flame retardants and is widely used in plastic granulation, extrusion and injection molding. Flame retardant masterbatch has become one of the best choices for flame retardant plastic products to achieve fire protection requirements, and has become an effective substitute for flame retardant powder.


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