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What are color masterbatches and the applications of color masterbatches?

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Color masterbatch are widely used in peoples life. The applications of color masterbatches can be seen everywhere in people’s life. Color masterbatches can change human's single impression of plastic and make plastic products colorful. So what are colour master batch? This article will be introduced in detail below.


What are color masterbeatch?


Color masterbatch is a new special colorant for polymer materials, also known as pigment preparation. Color masterbatch is mainly used in plastics. Color masterbatch is composed of three basic elements. They are pigment or dye, carrier and additive. It is an aggregate prepared by uniformly loading super constant pigment into resin. It can be called pigment concentration, so its coloring power is higher than that of pigment itself. When processing, a small amount of colored masterbatch and uncolored resin are mixed to achieve the colored resin or product with the designed pigment concentration.


36. colour master batch

The basic components of the masterbatch


lPigment or dye

lCarrier is the matrix of color masterbatch. The special color masterbatch generally selects the same resin as the product resin as the carrier. The compatibility between the two is the best, but the fluidity of the carrier should also be considered.

lDispersant can make the pigment disperse uniformly and no longer agglomerate. The melting point of dispersant shall be lower than that of resin, which has good compatibility with resin and good affinity with pigment. The most commonly used dispersants are polyethylene low molecular wax and stearate.

lAdditives. Such as flame retardant, brightening, antibacterial, antistatic, antioxidant, etc.


The usage of color masterbatch


There are several production processes for color masterbatch, such as: pigment, resin, dispersant, volume pigment, other additives, high-speed mixer, twin-screw extruder masterbatch, etc.


Color masterbatch is used as industrial raw material. This performance is usually reflected in subsequent product applications, such as film blowing or injection molding. Therefore, the performance of titanium dioxide in color masterbatch is mainly reflected in color masterbatch. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1) Coloring ability: the amount of titanium dioxide determines the color;

2) Titanium Whiteness: the appearance of polished (white) plastic products has the same titanium whiteness content;

3) Dispersion of titanium dioxide: it affects the production cost of plastic color masterbatch and the appearance and gloss of plastic products;

4) Processing performance of titanium dioxide: it affects the production cost of color masterbatch.

5) Processing performance of titanium dioxide: strong processing performance.


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