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The technical level and development direction of the masterbatch industry

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Masterbatch is a kind of plastic toner, which is used in PA66, PC plastic raw materials, POM, PPO, etc. In terms of variety development, Chinese masterbatch manufacturers have developed masterbatch for fiber, masterbatch for film, masterbatch for wire and cable, polyolefin masterbatch, PVC masterbatch, and masterbatch for injection products. grain. In the future, the masterbatch will develop in the direction of multi-functionality, high color content and high technology content, which will be explained in detail below.



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The development direction of masterbatch industry

1. Development of multifunctional masterbatch. Plastic or chemical fiber products often require products to have multiple properties at the same time. The integration of coloring and other functions into master batches is of great significance to improving the performance of plastic or chemical fiber products and simplifying their production processes. Multifunctional masterbatches include: coloring, flame-retardant, antistatic multifunctional masterbatches for coal products, coloring, antibacterial, thermal insulation, and conductive masterbatches for chemical fiber fabrics, and coloring and toughening masterbatches for plastic products Grains and so on.



2. Development of high-performance engineering plastics and thermoplastic elastomer masterbatch. my country's high-performance engineering plastics and thermoplastic elastomers are developing rapidly, such as thermoplastic fluoroplastics and thermoplastic polyurethanes. To adapt to them, their products also need to be colored with masterbatches. The preparation of these masterbatches is very different from traditional masterbatches in the selection of raw materials, processing technology and use conditions. How to adapt to the ultra-high temperature processing performance of high-performance engineering plastics and the special processing rheological properties of thermoplastic elastomers will be technical difficulties.



3. Development of dispersants and additives for masterbatch. With the development of multi-functional masterbatch, high-performance engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomer masterbatch, special grade mass masterbatch, the development of supporting dispersants and additives will also be the face of the future masterbatch industry Important task. Such as the development of composite dispersants, high temperature resistant dispersants, processing rheological performance modifiers, etc.



4. Development of large quantities of special grades of masterbatch. With the rapid development of my country's plastic products industry, the output of masterbatch will have a greater growth than in the past. Some masterbatch varieties will no longer be directly supplied to downstream plastic product manufacturers, but directly provided to upstream petrochemical companies, using masterbatch and resin to directly make color modified materials, such as tube materials, automotive special materials, etc. The formation of this production method has transformed the color masterbatch production model, which has always been characterized by small batches and multiple varieties, into a single-variety, large-scale production model.


The change of production mode will also pose challenges to the masterbatch technology. How to ensure the uniformity of the masterbatch produced for a long time and how to adapt to the large-scale screw granulation technology will be the technical problems to be solved by this masterbatch.



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