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The production and forming process of color masterbatch

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Since plastics are indispensable in people's daily life, as a part of plastics, the field of color masterbatch market is also expanding. A large number of color masterbatch manufacturers continue to improve the production and forming process of color masterbatch to meet people’s demand for plastic products. But do you know the manufacturing and forming process of color masterbatch? The following will introduce you to the forming method of color masterbatch.

45. special color masterbatch

The main production process of color masterbatch

According to the basic theory of pigment dispersion, various color plastic masterbatch processing equipment and production processes have emerged. Mainly solve the wetting, dispersion and dispersion stability of pigments. Its pursuit goals are high quality, high output, low energy consumption and low cost. In general, it is mainly dry production process and wet production process.

Dry production process

The dry production process mainly uses additives to treat the surface of the pigment, and uses the resin melt viscosity to stabilize the pigment by shearing, dispersing and mixing. At present, the most typical ones are the supporting processing technology of high-speed mixer and twin-screw extruder, as well as the processing technology of internal mixer.

Wet production process

The principle of the wet production process is to use the medium (solvent and water) to perform ultra-fine dispersion and surface wetting treatment of the pigment by mechanical force. Taking advantage of the lipophilic properties of pigments, phase inversion technology is used to transfer the pigments into the dispersant phase and stabilize them. At present, the most typical ones are the kneading and phase inversion method and the three-roll ink method.

Compression Molding

The use of molding is also one of the methods of manufacturing plastic color masterbatch. This method is to pour the mixture of plastic material and color masterbatch after heating and melting into the mold. The main difference between this method and other production methods is the vertical pressure and not the horizontal pressure. At the same time, through pressurization and heating, the final product of the color masterbatch is shaped like a mold. The shaped masterbatch product is then cooled by air.

Calendar molding

calendar molding is a special color masterbatch technology today. Generally speaking, the final product obtained by this technology is mostly plastic sheet or film. Calendar molding is made by passing the masterbatch compound through pairs of heated rolls. To provide a flat, smooth surface for the final product, these calender rolls are made of high speed steel with rounded edges and straight cylindrical shafts.

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