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The Ways to Identify the Quality of Color Masterbatches

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Nowadays, color masterbatch products are widely used on the many applications and its size and potential are rapidly increasing with the demands of markets, which makes the color masterbatch quality even more tedious. And different buyers have different requirements for the masterbatches. How to identify the quality of color masterbatches? How to know the color masterbatches that you are using are good or bad? This article will teach you the ways to identify the finest quality of color master batches.


58-color master batches.

1. Well color dispersion


Usually the good color masterbatches have the excellent color dispersion, which are the characteristics of good-quality color masterbatches. But there are two factors which determine the quality of color masterbatches, which are dyes and pigments. Generally speaking, dyes belong to soluble colorant, and pigments belong to dissolvable medium. And the pigments of color masterbatches belong to aggregates or agglomerates of the particles. Therefore, good color dispersion needs to break these dyes and pigments into a precise size in order to get the ideal color masterbatches.


2. Brightness should be distinct.


Another factor that determines the quality of the masterbatch is the brightness of the color. There are various types of carbon black on the market that can be used for coloring masterbatches, but the colors and prices of various types are also very different. Large particle carbon black has a lower degree of coloration and a different background color than small particle carbon black. Large-grain masterbatches are suitable for the production of films such as garbage bags etc., but they are not for the production of products that focus on aesthetics, for example, the places that require UV protection, such as agricultural films or external pipes. For these products, only high-priced small particle carbon black is used. In addition, low transparency is also the characteristic of carbon black with small particles.


3. Strong coverage


The key factor that determines the quality of black masterbatch product is the covering power. This factor is especially important for the masterbatch used for waste or recycled polymers. In these cases, the role of black is to cover other waste materials. The coloring ability of large-particle carbon black is poor, and it is not easy to cover all other colors in the lower layer. As a result, the final masterbatch product only obtains the deviated color. In the melting process, the ability to correctly select carbon black with high coloring ability to cover the existing color is the so-called covering power.


4. Stability should be consistent.


In today's international economy, it is absolutely necessary for international customers to have high requirements for the quality of masterbatch and the stability of raw materials. This is also one of the factors that determine the quality of carbon black masterbatch. One of the main manifestations of stability is the stable carbon black ratio. If the percentage of carbon black fluctuates, the amount of masterbatch that needs to be melted is not the same, and it is impossible to produce products of the same hue. Of course, other factors such as the fluidity and dispersion of the injected melt should be consistent with the amount of each batch.