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The Methods to Choose the Right Color Masterbatch for Production

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In daily life, there are many articles with different colors are made of plastic. But do you know what is the colorant used in these plastics? In fact, color masterbatch granules play important role in the coloring of plastic products as the colorant. Nowadays, it is the indispensible colorant in manufacturing plastic products. On market, there are various color masterbatches for different applications. Then how to choose the right color masterbatch for your production? This article will take you understand how to choose the color masterbatch products.


When you choose color masterbatch particles, you must choose the good color masterbatches which is suitable for your products. Generally, you should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing color master batches.


64-good-quality color masterbatches

First of all, you should choose the good-quality color masterbatches with good stability. Some masterbatches have good coloring effects when using, but they will fade after a period of time, which will affect the appearance and quality of plastic products.


Second, you should choose the easy-to-use color masterbatch, some masterbatch is difficult to use. It needs to be added to the water according to the amount, and it will take a long time to dissolve before it can be used, which is a waste of time. Some need to use a high-speed disperser to mix for a long time in order to have a good uniform coloring effect, and for some masterbatches, if the mixing is not good, the phenomenon of clumping will occur, which affects the product quality.


Third, you must choose a stable quality masterbatch. The quality of some masterbatch is very unstable, and the quality of the same batch may be very different, which will affect the quality of the product during in use.


Fourth, you may try to choose suitable masterbatch with good quality in order to lower the cost. The price of some masterbatches is low, but the amount of addition is large, so the calculated use cost is higher. Some masterbatches are more expensive, but the added amount is small and the effect is good. Therefore, the cost of use has dropped a lot.


Fifth, the color needs to meet the requirements of products. For example, the colors for beverage bottle usually are brilliant and simple, which need the good transparency, since the clear bottles filled with different beverages can increase the trust of the customers. So, you need to choose the corresponding color masterbatches to produce the containers for beverages.


All in all, in order to choose the right masterbatch that is suitable for your product, you need to consider whether it is cost-effective and easy to use. Of course, you may make a small test with small amount before purchasing.


How to use color masterbatch?


The use of color masterbatch is very simple, and you just mix it with resin particles according to the specified ratio and mix by machine or hand. When purchasing, it is recommended that you consult the manufacturers and pay attention to the instructions if you are not professional.