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Several plastic masterbatches used in packaging production

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Plastic masterbatches can be used not only in materials such as paper, glass and metal, but also in packaging. Such as nylon bags, bran bags, non-woven bags, shrink films, etc. Each type of plastic packaging in today’s market has a different manufacturing process, such as blowing, spinning, etc. In this article, we will mainly introduce several plastic masterbatches used in packaging production.


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The production process of plastic masterbatch

Plastic masterbatches are not naturally available and must undergo various processing from crude oil. Primary plastic is usually white or clear. To produce plastic packaging, in addition to using virgin plastic, manufacturers can combine virgin materials (virgin or recycled) with calcium carbonate masterbatches, color masterbatches and other additives.


In the world of masterbatches, there are many types of different properties. Depending on the purpose of the product, manufacturers will use different types of plastic masterbatches. For example, manufacturers add color masterbatches to packaging to make them more visible, brighter, and more durable in harsh weather conditions. In other cases, manufacturers mix primary plastics with slip additive masterbatches to reduce friction between blown films in the same stack, or between other surfaces the film is in contact with, making it easier to move.



Characteristics of common plastic masterbatches

PE Plastic Masterbatches: Plastic packaging made from PE plastic masterbatches and functional additives is used in many aspects of daily life, from markets, grocery stores, supermarkets to what are commonly referred to as plastic bags.

PE masterbatch packaging has the characteristics of transparency, bright surface, softness, elasticity, water resistance and good steam resistance; the combination of PE calcium carbonate masterbatch and functional masterbatch can be made into transparent PE bags, bonded PE bags, anti- Ordinary PE packaging such as electrostatic PE bags and vacuum PE bags;



PP masterbatch: PP masterbatch is reasonably priced and can be used in many agricultural and chemical industries. For example, it can be used as fertilizer packaging, seed packaging, chemical packaging, food packaging and animal feed packaging, etc.

PP plastic packaging is durable, tough, and non-stretchable, and can be made into fibers, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to tear, so manufacturers need to be careful during packaging or transportation.



PC plastic masterbatch: PC plastic masterbatch is resistant to high temperature, so PC plastic packaging is used to make food containers, but these products need to be sterilized.

The air tightness of plastic PC is better than that of PVC and PE. PC plastic has high transparency and durability, but it is 3 times more expensive than PP and PET plastic, so it is rarely used in the market.


PET Plastic Masterbatches: High durability PET resins are used for water bottles and water containers. In addition, PET plastic packaging can also be used as a plastic container for food, thanks to the combination of functional additives such as filler masterbatches, color masterbatches or compounds to improve air tightness and ensure its safety at high temperatures.

PET plastic masterbatch has high durability and can withstand high pressure shocks, has the best air tightness in all types of plastic packaging, does not cause chemical reactions when it comes into contact with other substances, and is especially safe for food.