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MZB PE 5718 MZB PE 5718
MZB PE 5718 MZB PE 5718


MZB PE 5718

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MZB PE 5718 Black Masterbatch has been designed to the coloring of PE, PP, PS, AS and ABS. It offers outstanding pigmentation and opacifying performance maximum cost-performance. It can also be used in fabrication of non-regulated pipe.

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Masterbatches are solid or liquid additives used in plastics to colour them (masterbatches) or give them other properties (additive masterbatches). MZB PE 5718 Black Masterbatch have features such as high density, good dispersion, low coloration cost etc. It has been designed to the coloring of PE, PP, PS, AS and ABS. This product is applied for the injection molding and pipe & sheet extrusion. It provides excellent pigmentation and opacifying performance maximum cost-performance and can also be used in fabrication of non-regulated price.

main technical index


Technical Index
Outer Apperance Equal in size, color & luster
Heat-resistance 220-280℃
Light fastness Level 5-8
Carbon black content 40%-50%


Property Value  Test Method
Carrier PE -
Pellet Shape Sphere / Cylinder -
Pigment Carbon Black -
Compatibility PP,PE,AS,ABS and PS
Bulk Density 1050-1250kg/m³ GB/T 1033.1-2008
MFI 10kg/190℃ 7-9 g/10 min GB/T 3682-200

  product features

  • Method of addition

MZB PE 5718 Black Masterbatch is designed for ease of dilution and homogeneous mixing and is therefore suitable for direct addition using automatic dosing units or by pre-blending.


  • Addition rate

This product might have certain influence on the products' mechanical intensity (according to the mixture rate size). Therefore, the amount of masterbatch added depends on the performance requirements of the final application. Typical addition rates vary from 1% to 5% masterbatch.

  • Production capacity

Now has black masterbatch product automatic production line 10.

  • Packaging

MZB PE 5718 Black Masterbatch is supplied in regular pellet form packed in 25kg bags ( If there are other packaging requirements, please let us know). It should be stored in a dry place.

Recommended storage life: up to 1 year provided it is stored as directed.



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Solar Photovoltaic

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Our masterbatches can be used in the packaging industry including food packaging, chemical packaging.

Our masterbatches can be used in the automotive industry to make the internal and external parts.

Our masterbatches can be used in the solar photovoltaic industry to make packaging membrane, reflection membrane.

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Household Appliances


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the construction industry


Our masterbatches can be used in household appliances industry to make dishwashers.

Our masterbatches can be used in fiber industry to make synthetic fiber.

Our masterbatches can be used in construction industry to make sunshade net.

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Ningbo Colour Master Batch Co.,Ltd. is founded in 1985, which is one of the earliest engaged in research, production and main drafting unit of the national industry standrads of color master batch. After more than 30 years' researching, it has been one of the most experienced and scale manufacturers in China. It has 20000 tons of brand special-purpose color master batch and yearly production can reach 15000 tons of dyeing&grain-make. It got the ISO9002 Quality Control Syetem Certification in 1996 and ISO14001 Environment Control System Certification in July, 2005. OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety management system certificate in May, 2015. The company has a number of independent invention patents masterbatch products. With high honor, the company also established representative offices in Tianjing, Shenyang, Anhui and etc. More than twenty provinces and cities are using the products. In addition, the company also have long cooperation with more than 1000 customers.

Production Area

Core Value

Corporate Vision

Supply the products in electrical applianes, food packaging, cosmetics, daily necessities, building materials, automobile industries, communication and so on.

Human oriented, keeping innovation.

To create the value for the customer is equal to create the future for ourselves.

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Excellent Technical Engineers

We have excellent technical engineers, sales elites and smart management staffs together with perfect production and inspection equipment guarantee to supply-high products. We assure that we supply the best quality production and service to let customers feel Using Satisfied.

Advanced Technique Brand Assurance

We unceasingly improve the management system, production and checking equipment and devote in researching and development of the products and quality promotion to meet the unceasingly increasing of customers' requirements in many years. The complete laboratory construction, investment to the advanced producing and checking equipments which ensure that what we supply are all high quality and environmental friendly productions.

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Professional Service Team

Our company has a professional sales and service team. Whether before, during or after-sales, any questions you have can be professionally answered. We aimed to provide the fastest and best services during the whole time.

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