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How to identify high-quality black masterbatch?

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Black masterbatch is a widely used raw material in the plastic products industry, the automotive industry and many emerging industries. The black masterbatch provides a bright appearance for the product and has won unanimous praise from the market. It is undeniable that not all black masterbatches are suitable for production, and masterbatches of different qualities and specifications have different characteristics. Learning to distinguish the quality of the black masterbatch determines to a certain extent whether the final production meets the standard. So what kind of black masterbatch is worth purchasing? Here are a few ways to distinguish.


54-3black masterbatch Production Process

High dispersion

The black masterbatch is made by mixing carbon black and other additives. Raw carbon black has a very small weight and a very fluffy texture, so a small amount of carbon black cannot be standardized. It is precisely because of this limitation that carbon black generally needs to be dispersed in advance. Pre-dispersion is performed using a mixture of resin and carbon black because the resin carrier is clean, free-flowing and easy to use. At the same time, it is not particularly easy to disperse carbon black, which also troubles most masterbatch manufacturers. Using a screw extruder to disperse the black masterbatch is not only inefficient, it also agrees to reduce performance. Therefore, specialized masterbatch manufacturers will choose to put in a high-tech shear mixer for mixing. With sufficient strength, these mixers can thoroughly mix carbon black and base resin. The type of carbon black used also affects the coloring dispersion.


High coverage

Coverage is another key element that affects the final quality of black masterbatch. In the process of manufacturing black masterbatch, the particle size of carbon black must be taken into consideration. The coloring ability of large particles of carbon black is relatively poor, so it cannot cover all levels of colors smoothly, which will make the final black masterbatch unable to present a uniform color. In the manufacturing process, learn to correctly choose carbon black with high coloring ability to make the finished black masterbatch show perfect gloss, because carbon black with high coloring degree can have high coverage.


Strong liquidity

Maybe you have selected a black masterbatch with good dispersibility through various considerations, but do you think it can be produced smoothly? In fact, if the best black masterbatch does not have high fluidity and cannot flow into the molded material, the final production effect will not be able to achieve the expected. In order to save costs, some manufacturers will use low-end scrap as a carrier of the resin, thus producing poor fluidity masterbatches.


Stable compatibility

Compatibility is a very critical part of the black masterbatch into the manufacturing process. If the raw material of the masterbatch is some untested recycled material, it may contain various impurities and pollutants. At this time, the basic resin can be used to produce high-quality masterbatch, which has good compatibility during the melting process. LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, SAN, PA and other materials can be used to produce high-quality masterbatch.


Based on the above considerations, if you want to find high-quality black masterbatch, you must first seek a reliable masterbatch production factory. We have focused on masterbatch products for many years, and our products have obtained multiple certifications. Please contact us for more product information.