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How to choose smooth masterbatch?

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The slippery masterbatch is compounded by a variety of high-efficiency special additives and processed by a special process, which can effectively improve the slippery performance of the product and the lubricating performance of the processing process. Do you know how to choose smooth masterbatch?



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How to choose slip masterbatch

1. Optical properties: In order to obtain the best transparency and the lowest haze, the anti-slip agent must use a refractive index similar to that of the resin (1.49), narrow particle size distribution, suitable particle size, and the addition amount can achieve the desired effect.

2. Dispersibility: The particle size of the anti-blocking agent is critical. The smaller the size, the better the dispersibility. Large particle size affects the apparent and optical properties of the film. Anti-blocking particle size agent is generally 2-10 microns. Masterbatch manufacturers require highly dispersing twin screw units and extensive masterbatch dispersion production


3. Heat sealing and printing performance: Generally speaking, the film is corona or flame treated before heat sealing and printing to increase the tension and surface energy of the surface film, but the amount of slip agent is not appropriate, it will migrate to the surface of the film, affecting the Heat sealability of the film. Printing properties, resulting in low peel strength between films and weak inks. Film manufacturers can choose from low friction, non-migrating open, smooth masterbatches.

4. Anti-scratch performance of metallized film: prevent the inorganic anti-adhesive agent from piercing the film layer and weaken the water vapor and oxygen barrier properties. The anti-adhesive agent can be selected from round and soft particles to ensure that the film has better barrier properties.

5. Reduce the wear and tear of the machine: some inorganic anti-sticking agents have higher hardness, which will increase the wear and tear of the machine.

6. Filter clogging problems: If the manufacturer encounters a high or sudden increase in the pressure differential across the filter, it may be necessary to consider replacing the masterbatch. 



Slip masterbatch performance and features

Slip masterbatch reduces the surface friction coefficient of plastic parts, improves smoothness and hand feel; under normal dosage ratio, it will not affect the transparency of the product; it is recommended to make a small test before mass use to determine the addition amount and process conditions of the product .

Color masterbatch products have different resins as carriers, suitable for extrusion and injection molding of PE, PO, PP, EVA, PET, PBT, PETG, PA and other materials. The product and plastic raw materials are added and mixed evenly in a certain proportion, and those that need to be dehumidified and dried should be dried together!



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