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How to choose pigments for functional masterbatch?

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What is a functional masterbatch? Functional masterbatch is a masterbatch containing other functional additives except color. The specific function depends entirely on the active ingredients contained. The function of the color masterbatch is different, the choice of paint, and the performance are also different. The following introduces how to choose the pigment of the functional color masterbatch.


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How to choose pigments for functional masterbatch

1. The pigments used in heat-resistant products are basically required to withstand the temperature during the production of polypropylene fiber and maintain stable performance. The temperature resistance is generally required to be above 270~280℃.


2. The pigment used for dispersible masterbatch should have good dispersibility and be evenly dispersed in the product, and the dispersant used will not reduce the quality of the polypropylene fiber. Otherwise, it is impossible to produce high-quality dope-colored fibers, and the operation is also unstable, and it is easy to break or produce abnormal fibers when the fibers are drawn.


3. Brightness. The coloring of polypropylene stock solution has many uses. Among them, it is used for bed cover base fabrics and knitted fabrics, which require bright colors. Because organic pigments are brighter and brighter, and easy to color, organic pigments should be used for the above-mentioned purposes.


4. Light fastness. Under the action of light, some pigments have photosensitivity, which can make colored fibers fade and brittle. The light resistance of pigments is basically related to its chemical structure. Therefore, when making masterbatch, pay full attention to the light resistance of pigments. Light resistance pigments When you need to use it, you can consider adding a UV absorber.


5. Stability. The pigment used in the product must have excellent stability against the black masterbatch polypropylene fiber. It means that the pigment will not react with the fiber when the colored fiber polymer is exposed to heat, light or high temperature for a long time, and new chemical groups are formed to make the polymer performance low.


Precautions for storage of color masterbatch

Color masterbatch is an important additive material used in the processing of plastics. Generally, it can be purchased in large quantities during the process of use in the factory. How should we handle and store carbon black masterbatch, plastic white color masterbatch and silicone masterbatch.


1. Store in a dry, cool, ventilated and clean room. Pay attention to the integrity of the packaging of the materials. Damaged packaging and open storage will cause adverse effects. It is necessary to ensure the tightness of the packaging.

2. Avoid sun exposure and rain, and stay away from areas with sufficient ultraviolet rays; because the product has moisture absorption, you should seal it in time after opening and use, and avoid prolonged exposure to the air.

3. In order to ensure the effect of use, avoid damp and moisture, that is, use the ingredients immediately.

4. When opening the package, check whether the package is intact. The unused masterbatch should be heat-sealed and packaged as soon as possible to avoid rain and exposure.