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How to Store Masterbatches Properly?

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Color masterbatch is an important additive material used in the processing of plastics. color masterbatch, also known as Pigment Preparation, is a polymer composed of three basic elements: pigment or dye, carrier, and additive, which is widely used in the industrial manufacturing of apparel, daily-use plastics, automotive parts, etc. The production of masterbatches is technically demanding and professional masterbatch companies use a variety of production techniques to produce the best masterbatches.


100-2-Color masterbatch

In most cases, coloring with masterbatches is more economical than using traditional pigments. Since their development in the mid-1960s, masterbatches have been widely used in the industrial coloring industry. In the last decade, they have come to dominate the industrial color processing sector. This is because masterbatches are not only very inexpensive but also have consistent properties. The colorist can combine several lower-priced masterbatch pigments to achieve the coloring effect of higher-priced pigments. This is why high-quality masterbatches are an essential raw material for many industrial manufacturers.


You can see plastic product factories and PVC craft processing plants, as well as other industrial production areas buying them in large quantities in the process of use. Although buying professional masterbatches in large quantities can save some money. But high-quality masterbatches can damage their quality when stored in a warehouse for a long time. So many manufacturers who do not store masterbatches find that they spend too much money on colorants. To reduce the cost of coloring for large industrial producers, we will introduce you things that need to be taken care of during masterbatches storage time.


The most important way to store color masterbatches is to keep them in a dry, cool, ventilated, and clean room. When opening the package, check if the package is intact, and heat seal the unused masterbatch package as soon as possible, avoiding rain and exposure to the sun. When storing masterbatch products, pay attention to the integrity and sealing of the material packaging. This is because broken packaging and open storage can cause adverse effects. Secondly, PVC masterbatch suppliers should also prepare special storage areas to help protect the masterbatch material from sun and rain. Since liquid masterbatch products are moisture absorbing, care should be taken to seal this material promptly after it is opened for use to avoid prolonged exposure to air. To ensure the effectiveness of the use, remember to avoid moisture contamination.


These are the main storage criteria for storing masterbatches. Ningbo Colour Master Batch Co., Ltd. is one of the first companies in China to research, produce and draft national industry standards for masterbatches. As a professional masterbatch supplier, this company has been cooperating with more than 20 regions and 1000 customers for a long time. Because of this, if you have any questions about masterbatch raw materials, you can enter the official website of Ningbo Colour Master Batch Co.