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How to Choose a Black Masterbatch Manufacturer?

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We know that the role of black masterbatch is for dyeing plastics that need to be dyed black. The important parameter of black masterbatch product is dispersibility. Therefore, the composition of black masterbatch formulation must be reasonable and the production process must be rigorous. Otherwise, the surface of plastic products produced after adding black masterbatch will have pits or water lines. So, it is important to choose a suitable black masterbatch supplier. This article will take you understand how to choose a black masterbatch manufacturer.


57-black masterbatch carrier

Black masterbatch formulation composition and carriers


Usually the formulation composition of black masterbatch consists of carbon black, masterbatch carrier and dispersing aid. Among them, carbon black is used as the main pigment. There are many kinds of carbon black used in black masterbatch. Low-grade carbon black can only be used to produce plastic products with ordinary requirements since the blackness is average and the price is cheap. If the produced plastic products require a smooth and delicate surface, blue shade, and strict environmental protection conditions, carbon black will be selected, especially for the generally recognized blue shade and high-gloss plastic products on the market.


There are many carriers used in black masterbatches, which include general-purpose black masterbatch carrier and advanced black masterbatch carrier. PE raw materials are usually used, which can be easily produced and can also be compatible with many kinds of plastics.


How to choose the suitable manufacturer?


The following items should be paid attention to when choosing the black masterbatch.


1. Choose suppliers with integrity, quality awareness and control capabilities, and development capabilities, such as Ningbo Colour Master Batch Co.,Ltd.


2. Choose the right one. We know that poor selection will not achieve the effect, and good quality with high price will increase the cost. And some color masterbatches are very black on ABS, but they are not necessarily black on PP.


3. The important performance of black masterbatch is dispersibility. It is suggested that you choose a well-dispersed color masterbatch, and it is not recommended to choose the so-called high blackness and lack of dispersion, especially for blown film, unless it is used for granulation.


4. Compatibility with raw materials. Color masterbatches with different primers used in plastic raw materials will cause the product to peel off due to the incompatibility of the two materials. The surface of the product may also cause pits due to different shrinkage ratios.


5. The amount added should be appropriate, since the less added amount will cause the uneven dyeing, the more added amount will affect the physical properties and it may also increase the cost. It is generally recommended to add 0.5-2% of masterbatch for injection molding, 1-4% for sheets, and 3-4% or more for films.


6. In order to mix with the raw materials evenly, you should choose a color masterbatch with the same size as the raw material, otherwise the color masterbatch with smaller particles will sink underneath during the mixing process, which will cause some products to be dyed, and some products are still primary color.


7. The processing temperature should not be too high or low. Otherwise, it may lead to poor plasticization effect of the color masterbatch and affect the effect of plastic products.