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How does the antistatic masterbatch work?

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Anti-static masterbatch can help us reduce the generation of static electricity and bring convenience to our life and work. Do you know how antistatic masterbatch plays an antistatic effect?



Principle of antistatic masterbatch

The antistatic masterbatch is a bipolar substance that can migrate to the surface of the film, absorb moisture in the air, form a conductive layer, disperse the accumulated charge in time, and make it have the ability to control the charge. This ability to disperse charges is necessary for the processing and use of polypropylene films. Otherwise, in the production process, static electricity will cause the operator to get an electric shock; in the bag or packaged goods, the surface charge will cause the film to adhere to the packaging equipment; for the packaged goods, due to static electricity, during the storage or sales process The dust adsorbed in it will affect the image of the product.


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Application of antistatic masterbatch

Biaxially oriented polypropylene film is a kind of antistatic masterbatch mechanism. It is a crystalline product obtained by biaxially oriented process after adding proper functional additives to polypropylene proprietary materials. It is a new type of transparent packaging material developed in the 1960s. It has the advantages of moisture resistance, good mechanical strength, good dimensional stability, softness, non-toxicity, tasteless, shrinkage, and good printability.


During the processing or use of BOPP film, due to the electrostatic effect caused by the friction between the films, the BOPP film will absorb dust or other dirt in the air, which not only affects the appearance of the film, but also the BOPP film during use. Adhesion will occur, affecting normal production. In addition, the presence of static electricity can cause great harm to the human body. For this reason, an antistatic agent or antistatic masterbatch is added during the processing of BOPP film to reduce and eliminate static electricity.



Features of antistatic agent

The antistatic agent has fluidity. After the antistatic agent is added to the polymer, it migrates from the added layer to a small amount or no added layer. Therefore, in the actual production process, it is generally only added to the core material of the film. Otherwise, if an antistatic agent is added to the surface layer, it will be reversely migrated to the core layer and consumed, and it will not be antistatic.


The migration ability of the antistatic masterbatch to the core layer of the antistatic agent is affected by the storage temperature and storage time. As shown in Figure 2, within the allowable range, the higher the temperature, the faster the migration speed. At the same temperature, there must be a migration process, which generally takes 1 to 2 weeks. The crystallinity mechanism of the antistatic masterbatch has a significant effect on the migration of additives. It can be seen that greater crystallinity will prevent the migration of antistatic agents.



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