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How does the antistatic masterbatch protect plastics from the burden of static electricity?

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Static electricity may seem relatively harmless, but it is bad news for many plastic products. Static electricity can cause plastic sheets to stick together. The electric charge also attracts a large amount of dry matter and dust. In the worst case, static electricity can be very powerful, and it can generate sparks that can ignite a flame. Static electricity can damage plastic products in many ways, and plastic manufacturers will do their best to eliminate it. In the following article, we will study how antistatic white masterbatches protect plastics from static electricity.



Static electricity and static electricity additives

Each of us has felt the impact of static electricity. Static electricity is electric current that accumulates in a specific area or material. This accumulation is caused by an imbalance of charges. When a certain area is more positively charged than negatively charged (or vice versa), static electricity will accumulate. When we come into contact with this static electricity, it will discharge. This discharge is an impact spark within our reach. After static electricity is discharged, it usually starts to accumulate again.


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Application of antistatic masterbatch in various industries

Automobile industry: Antistatic additives can prevent the accumulation of dust and static electricity in plastic car interiors and exteriors.

Packaging industry: Food manufacturers least want their shelf-stable products to be electrostatically charged. nbmasterbatch's antistatic additives prevent dust and electric charges while complying with food industry standards and regulations.

Textile industry: The raw materials used in this industry are prone to static electricity. Our antistatic masterbatch can be used for FIBC bags, sunshade nets, greenhouse strings, etc.


Characteristics of antistatic masterbatch

1. It has moisture resistance, good mechanical strength, good dimensional stability, soft quality, odorless, good shrinkage and printability.

2. Antistatic masterbatch has excellent antistatic performance, good thermal stability, compatibility and processing performance.

3. The antistatic masterbatch is simple to use and has strong performance. It can be widely used in the consumption of polyolefin antistatic plastic products. The quality is stable and it is sold at home and abroad.

4. This series of antistatic products is colorless and odorless, has good dispersibility, high thermal stability, low volatility, does not affect the molding and processing performance of the product, and does not affect the optical properties of the product, such as transparency and surface Glossiness, etc., does not reduce the physical properties of the product. This product does not contain toxic substances and complies with FDA standards.

5. The product can provide half-year, one-year, three-year and permanent antistatic properties according to the specific needs of users.



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