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Five Types Of Plastic Masterbatch?

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There is no doubt that plastic masterbatch can be also used in packaging like plastic as a packaging material. Plastic masterbatch can not be easily got, which must undergo various processing from the crude oil. There are many types of plastic packaging on the market today and are used by human beings every day such as anti-rust packing raw material.


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To be general, plastic packaging can be nylon bags, bran bags, plastic film bags, and so on. In addition, each type of plastic packaging like that has a different manufacturing process such as blowing bags, spinning, etc. Then, we will elucidate 5 types of masterbatch that are commonly used in packaging production.


It is a common ingredient for manufacturing various types of packaging.

Primary plastic is usually white or transparent, which is offered by white masterbatch manufacturers for plastic packing materials. In order to produce plastic packaging, manufacturers can combine the original material with calcium carbonate masterbatch, color masterbatch, and other additives. Depending on the purpose for which the product is used, the manufacturer will use different types of plastic masterbatch.


For example, producers add color masterbatch to the packaging to make it more eye-catching, more vivid, and more durable in harsh weather conditions. In other cases, manufacturers will mix primary plastic with sliding additives masterbatch to reduce friction between blow films in the same stack or between films and other surfaces it contacts to make it easier to move.


Here are the features of packaging made by PE masterbatch:


ltransparent, glossy surface, soft, flexible, waterproof and good steam resistance


lthe resistances of PE packages against O2, CO2, N2, and grease are all poor


lcombining PE calcium carbonate masterbatch, and functional additive masterbatches, common PE packaging such as clear PE bags, glued PE bags, vacuum PE bags can be created


The most obvious advantages of packaging made by PP plastic masterbatch that you need to know:


ldurable, tough, and not stretching so it can be made into fibers, however, easy to tear


lopaque white or transparent white and it experienced good printability.


lwaterproof and non-greasy


PC plastic packaging displays three properties:


lbetter air-tightness than PVC and PE but worse than PET and PP calcium carbonate masterbatch


lparticularly transparent and durable but 3 times more expensive than PP and PET plastic


lable to withstand high temperatures above 100oC


PE become popular on account of its many advantages, which you should know more when you decide which type of products you want to purchase:


lhigher than that of PE and PP


lFlexible and necessary to use additives such as calcium carbonate masterbatch, color masterbatch, technical resins compound for packaging products such as environmentally friendly packaging materials.


Packaging made of PET plastic masterbatch just like plastic black color masterbatch is widely used owing to these properties:


lhigh durability and be able to withstand the impact of high pressure


lbest gas-proof ability in all types of the plastic packaging


lsoft, glossy surface, easy to print logos and labels


lnot causing chemical reactions when in contact with other substances, especially safe for containing foods