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Does the global masterbatch market need white masterbatch?

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No one will deny the status of white masterbatch in the global masterbatch market. Not only now, even ten years later, white masterbatch is still one of the last welcome materials in the global plastics market. The masterbatch market reached US$16 billion in 2016, accounting for almost twice the size of the silicone market. This kind of masterbatch is widely used in the plastic packaging industry, and a large number of manufacturers are looking for such masterbatch additive materials, which can effectively help them reduce production costs.


46-3Clear Polymer Masterbatch

How is the masterbatch defined?

In the plastic products industry, masterbatch can be said to be the most critical part, they can help plastic products to dye successfully. At present, there are four main categories of masterbatch, namely white, black, color and additive masterbatch. So why should we focus on white masterbatch? According to the latest data report, white masterbatch accounts for a staggering 30% of the global masterbatch market.


What are the reasons for the popularity of white masterbatch?

As we all know, the packaging industry and the construction industry are the driving force behind the continuous development of the masterbatch market, and white masterbatch is one of the biggest demands of the plastic packaging industry. Maybe you haven't noticed that a lot of white masterbatches are used in milk bottles, plastic bags, and even food and medicine packaging. In 2017, with the withdrawal of the latest EP white masterbatch, the demand for this type of masterbatch in the pharmaceutical packaging market has become more enthusiastic.


On the other hand, the continuous development of the automobile market has also become one of the reasons for the further expansion of the masterbatch market. Emerging markets such as Southeast Asia are constantly upgrading and optimizing auto parts. The most important part is the application of plastic products and the continuous replacement of original metal parts. This approach can not only save production costs, but also further improve the service life. However, in the automotive industry, manufacturers prefer not white, but black masterbatch. Therefore, black masterbatch has risen rapidly in recent years. With the expansion of the middle class in developing countries, this trend will continue to flourish in a decade.


The future trend of the masterbatch market?

Nano masterbatch has become the research direction of many industry experts in recent years. This material sounds very high-tech, but nanotechnology to produce masterbatch is actually a common fact. The pigments used in the manufacture of masterbatches are generally not considered nanomaterials, but many meet the criteria for classification of nanomaterials. Plastics associations in various countries are trying to use nanotechnology to control the mixing ratio of plastic particles. Manufacturers' further demand for materials will also make the plastic recycling industry prosper.


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