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Do you really understand black masterbatch?

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In the color masterbatch market, black masterbatch must be one of the most basic and most extensive choices, because this color masterbatch is very common in daily life, and they are also easy to mix with other color dyes. It is worth noting that the properties of black masterbatch are simpler, and manufacturers can use black masterbatch to create a variety of products.


51-1Near-Infrared Sortable Black Masterbatch

How to produce black masterbatch?

The color masterbatch is formed by a mixture of resin, dyes and additives, which means that in the production process, manufacturers must firmly grasp the proportion of various materials in order to finally make a satisfactory masterbatch product. The manufacturer first mixes the black carbon powder, base resin and other additives according to a carefully studied formula, and then mixes them thoroughly with a high-speed mixer for about 10 minutes. After mixing, the mixture will be passed through an extruder to form a sheet, cooled, and then cut into masterbatch pellets using a cutter. These masterbatch particles will then be combined with the original plastic to form a plastic material mixture. Finally, according to the needs of different customers, processing and manufacturing.


Black masterbatch and color masterbatch

In addition to pure color masterbatch, color masterbatch is also an important raw material in the market. Manufacturers can apply color coatings on the surface of their products by printing, spraying, or electroplating colors onto the outer surface of the product. In fact, black masterbatch is also used in the production of color masterbatch. Adding black masterbatch to the mixture can help the diffusion of color pigments in the mixture.


How to use black masterbatch?

The plastic base material of the black masterbatch determines that it can maintain the color for a long time. However, if the product content exceeds the ideal ratio, it will have a negative impact on the manufacturing process or the quality of the finished product. Therefore, you must not be greedy in the production process. If too much color masterbatch is added, the viscosity of the mixture will increase, thereby reducing the mechanical properties of the product. When making black masterbatch, it is important to pay attention to the toxicity of carbon black. Carbon black usually carries a certain degree of toxicity, which can easily cause some diseases. Therefore, the manufacturing process must be strictly inspected and controlled.


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