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Do you know why the white materbatch is so popular in plastics industry?

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White color masterbatch is made by adding titanium dioxide, Whitening agent, and other Whitening ingredients to the carrier resin, and using part of the dispersant to improve the dispersion effect in the carrier to prepare uniformly dispersed and high-quality concentrated plastic particles. It has abundant applications in daily life and industrial fields.


27.1 White color masterbatch

Advantages of White Master Batch


(1) The white plastic masterbatch fixes the colorant in the carrier, so it can avoid the contact between the colorant and the air, prevent the color quality change caused by oxidation and moisture, and is beneficial to the production of pure color quality plastic products.

(2) The use of white masterbatch eliminates the extrusion and granulation processes, which not only simplifies the operation but also helps to ensure that the performance of the resin is not affected.

(3) The use of white masterbatch can also purify the environment without flying dust, reduce storage materials and save energy.

(4) Taking white masterbatch for whitening can accurately control the whiteness according to the product specifications, and the whiteness has good reproducibility.

(5) In dry Whitening, the particle size of the fluorescent Whitening agent and the plastic is very different, and it is difficult to disperse uniformly. Although it can be remedied by adding an adhesive, the effect is not ideal. The color material used in the White Master Batch has been ultra-micro-processed, so the coloring effect and concealment are better.

(6) Since the colorant is evenly dispersed in the carrier plastic during the manufacture of the white colour masterbatch, the diameter of the white masterbatch particles is close to that of the resin particles, thereby ensuring that the colorant has a good dispersibility during processing.

(7) Adding to the plastic film can play a significant role in modifying the optical properties, slow-release function, and environmental protection effect.

(8) Widely used in blown film plastic products


Precautions for the use of Masterbatch


(1) The color plastic masterbatch will absorb moisture after being stored for some time, especially PET, ABS, PE, PC, etc., so it must be dried according to the same process as the natural color pellet and meet the water content requirement.

(2) Use masterbatch to match colors to achieve the desired color and luster must be very careful, color difference and shade changes often occur.

(3) There will be reactions between masterbatch and other additives, so be careful when using it.

(4) Attention should be paid to the selection of the dilution ratio of Master Batch. If a high dilution ratio is selected, the production cost is lower, but it is also limited by the processing equipment.


Will the migration of pigments during storage of the Color masterbatch affect the quality of the product?


Some color masterbatches have high pigment content (or dyes). In this case, migration is normal. Especially the color masterbatches added with dyes will cause serious migration. But this does not affect the quality of the product, because after the color masterbatch is injected into the product, the pigment is in the normal color concentration in the product.


Why do some injection products have poor gloss?


There are many possibilities:

1. The nozzle temperature of the injection molding machine is too low

2. The mold finish of the injection molding machine is not good

3. The product molding cycle is too long

4. Too much titanium dioxide in the colour master batch

5. The dispersion of color masterbatch is not good


In conclusion, this article introduces the advantages of white masterbatch to explain why white masterbatch is so popular in the plastic industry. If you are interested to find the plastic white color masterbatch for your project, you must not miss Ningbo Colour Master Batch which is a professional color masterbatch manufacturer providing custom color masterbatch, black color masterbatch, functional filler masterbatch, and so on.