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Do you know which industries are widely used in masterbatch?

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Masterbatches with basic colors are familiar products in the plastic manufacturing industry. However, people's aesthetic needs are not limited to basic colors these days. Therefore, masterbatches with special effects and colors have emerged to meet these diverse needs of users. This article will provide you with information about some batch colors with special effects that Ningbo Colour Master Batch can provide.


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Fluorescent masterbatch is widely used in packaging and toy manufacturing

Fluorescent masterbatches are usually produced with basic plastics such as low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, etc., and are widely used in the manufacture of packaging, toys, and warning signs through methods such as extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, and rubber molding.

The dye fluorescent agent works in the form of baking powder, and when mixed with the base resin, it is insoluble like a pigment. Fluorescent color masterbatches have very high light reflectivity and the ability to convert ultraviolet rays into visible colors. Therefore, they will make the finished product very colorful. The fluorescent pigments in the base resin help the plastic to fluoresce in various colors and achieve excellent thermal stability. The different colors of toys and packaging are the role played by the masterbatch.



Metal masterbatch perfectly matches various decorations

The most important metal colorant in the masterbatch manufacturing industry is aluminum flake pigment. The size of the flakes in the pigment greatly affects the color display of the final product. Small flakes will reduce the brightness of the color and make the product look darker. At the same time, the large color plate reflects more light, so the product also has more rainbow colors.

Although it has a significant metallic effect on the color masterbatch, it also has a negative impact on some physical properties of the product due to the use of large aluminum flakes. The concentration of this type of colorant is usually only about 10%. In industry, in order to color plastic products, manufacturers will combine aluminum flakes with other organic pigments to create a variety of metallic color options.



Pearlescent masterbatch makes plastic products more elegant and refined

Pearlescent masterbatch is composed of pigment flakes similar to aluminum flake pigments. However, instead of using aluminum scales, we will use thin mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide to achieve metallic luster. This combination causes the light passing through the batch of colors to be partially reflected and partially absorbed. Many pigment flakes react and absorb light at the same time, creating a nacre effect on the surface of the colored plastic.

We can also provide various special surface effects, such as pearlescent, transparent, edge glow, marble, flashing effects, etc. Not only does it bring a special appearance to the final product, but these masterbatches also enhance physical strength, improve durability, and maximize the hardness and deformation temperature of the base resin.



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