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Do you know the use of white masterbatch and matters needing attention?

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The white color masterbatch is widely used in the production of injection molding products, blow molding products, and the production of plastic films. But do you know what to look out for when using white masterbatch?


What is the white masterbatch?


White masterbatch has the characteristics of bright color, high color strength, good dispersion, high concentration, good whiteness, strong hiding power, good migration resistance, and heat resistance, etc. And white master batch is widely used in injection molding film, blown film, wire drawing, casting, extrusion, blown film, foaming, sheet, pipe, pumped pellets, hollow, EVA, blown bottle, sheet, household appliances, toy packaging materials, wires and cables, plastic bags, automobiles, building materials, sports and Leisure products, packaging bags, packaging bottles, and other plastic products industry.


28.1 plastic white color masterbatch

Precautions when using white masterbatch


1. The mixing method of white plastic masterbatch after the color formula of the color yarn is determined, the white masterbatch is evenly dispersed in the polypropylene fiber slices before spinning, which is the key to ensuring product quality. There are two specific mixing methods. It is a heavy method and a volume method. After the white masterbatch is melted in the extruder or at the back, it is injected into the polypropylene melt with a small extruder, and the uniformity is very good.


2. To reduce the color difference of the fiber after color matching, the white masterbatch should be diluted and the mixing ratio should be controlled. The filament is not less than 3%~10%, the short fiber is not less than 1%~3%, and the monochromatic bulk continuous filament For spinning with three-color equipment, the white masterbatch must be fed into the extruder after mixing. At the same time, to increase the mixing capacity of the melt itself, a mixing device can be added to the extruder section.


3. When choosing white masterbatch, it should be selected according to the selected range. Plastic white color masterbatch is divided into fine denier, coarse, and grade. Coarse denier white masterbatch cannot be used for fine denier color matching. Spinning should be considered when matching colors. For fiber denier per filament, choose white masterbatch of the same grade.


4. The white colour masterbatch used is best from the same white masterbatch manufacturer. To reduce costs, a high-concentration white masterbatch should be used. The pigments of White Master Batch are divided into high, medium, and low grades. When matching the color, different grades of white masterbatch should be selected appropriately according to the quality requirements of fiber formation. To avoid the quality variation of the finished fiber caused by the different light and heat stability of the pigment, the color of the white masterbatch that meets the fiber quality requirements and has the same light and heat stability level should be selected when matching the color. Low. The application ratio of the white masterbatch is proportional to the square root of the denier.


In general, this article introduces the definition of white masterbatch and some tips to pay attention to when using white masterbatch. If you are considering using white masterbatch for your project, you can consult Ningbo Colour Master Batch for more information. Ningbo Colour Master Batch is a professional white masterbatch supplier which offers color functional masterbatch, carbon black masterbatch, black PE masterbatch, PET white master batch and so on.