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Do you know the tips to choose the color masterbatch?

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Color masterbatch is an essential colorant in plastic products, and has a wide range of uses in industrial and production applications, such as the production of injection molding products, blow molding products, and the production of plastic films. For such a wide range of color masterbatches, do you know how to choose them? This article will share some tips for choosing color masterbatches.

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The classification of color masterbatch

Color master batch is a new kind of polymer material special colorant, also known as Pigment Preparation. Color masterbatches can be divided up into roughly the following types:

Mono batches or“Single Pigment Concentrates”(SPC): Color masterbatch made of a certain pigment and supporting base material; Wax and / or dispersant are often added.

Custom color masterbatch: Custom formulations and mixtures of various powder pigments.

Custom coloring: Blend different SPC particles to produce exactly the color customers want.

In addition, color masterbatches can also be classified according to various grades:

1. Advanced injection color masterbatch

Used in cosmetic packaging boxes, toys, electrical enclosures and other advanced products.

2. Ordinary injection color masterbatch

For general daily chemical packaging materials, industrial containers, etc.

3. Advanced blown film color masterbatch

For blow molding coloring of ultra-thin products.

4. Ordinary blown film color masterbatch

It is used for blow molding coloring of general packaging bags and woven bags.

5. Spinning color masterbatch

It is used for spinning and coloring of textile fibers. The color masterbatch has fine particles, high concentration, strong coloring strength, and good heat resistance and light resistance.

6. Low-grade color masterbatch

It is used to manufacture low-grade products that do not require high color quality, such as trash cans, low-grade containers, etc.

The tips for choosing color masterbatches

According to their own industry to choose the corresponding characteristics of the color masterbatch. It is very important to understand the characteristics of the color masterbatch before choosing the color plastic masterbatch. If it is the food packaging material industry, then the color masterbatch you choose should be environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic. If it is in the pharmaceutical plastic packaging industry, the color masterbatch you choose should also be non-toxic and safe. For outdoor plastic products, the color masterbatch you choose should have good weather resistance.

It should be noted that the plastic color masterbatch cannot participate in various chemical reactions. For example, carbon black materials cannot be added to polyester because carbon black can control the curing reaction of polyester plastics.

In addition, the quality of the colour master batch also needs to be paid attention to. The dispersibility and tinting strength of the qualified color masterbatch are good. When the pigment is not uniformly dispersed, this can affect the appearance and performance of the product. When the tinting strength of the pigment is poor, it means that the amount of the dye will increase and the material cost will also increase.

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