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Do you know the precautions for using color masterbatches?

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Colour master batch is used in injection molding, blow molding, wire drawing, casting, extrusion, blown film and other processes. The use of color masterbatch is very simple, just mix it with resin particles according to the specified ratio and mix by hand.


31.2 PP color masterbatches

The precautions of using color masterbatches


Pay attention to the following issues in the operation of the equipment

  • The mixing chamber of injection molding machine or extruder generally has multiple temperature areas, and the temperature near the blanking port should be slightly higher, which is to make the color masterbatch melt quickly after entering the mixing chamber and mix evenly with plastic resin as soon as possible, which is conducive to the good dispersion of color masterbatch pigment in products.

  • Appropriate back pressure is applied to the injection molding machine, which can improve the mixing effect of the screw and facilitate the dispersion of the pigment. The side effect of applying back pressure is to slow down the injection speed.

  • Properly increase the temperature of the die head of the extruder to increase the brightness of the product.


How to determine the proportion of color masterbatch used


The basis for determining the proportion of color plastic masterbatch is to obtain a satisfactory coloring effect. As long as the surface tone of the product is uniform and there are no streaks and spots, it can be approved. Generally, people are not recommended to use the ratio of 1:100. Unless the mixing property of the equipment is very good, it is easy to cause uneven pigment dispersion. The ratio of 1:50 is used for plastic products with general coloring requirements. PE and PP color masterbatches are more used in this ratio. The ratio of 1:33-1:25 is used for PO products with higher coloring requirements, and ABS products with lower coloring requirements or general. The ratio of 1:20 is used for advanced plastic products, including PO, ABS, and can be widely used in injection molding, blow molding, spinning and other processes. Above the ratio of 1:20 generally used for coloring of high-grade cosmetics containers, and mostly used for small injection molding machines.


Using color masterbatch may increase product cost


In many cases, it is not the most economical for plastic product manufacturers to choose the most economical pigments when matching colors with toners. Because they are not familiar with the pigments, it is very common to waste manpower and materials due to repeated trials when matching colors. The grades of products colored with color masterbatches and products colored with toner are completely different, and their prices are also higher. So if you want to use the high grade plastic color masterbatch for your products, then the cost of product will also be higher.


In conclusion, this article describes some precautions of using color masterbatch in the production process. If you are interested in purchasing color masterbatch for your products, you can consider Ningbo Colour Master Batch, this is a color masterbatch manufacturer specialized in white plastic masterbatch, white plastic masterbatch, color functional masterbatch, custom color masterbatch, functional filler masterbatch, and so on.