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Do you know the connection between masterbatch plastics and additive products?

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Additive masterbatch plastics are used as modifiers to change the natural properties of basic plastics to meet the ever-increasing requirements of customers and bring more profits to manufacturers. Additive masterbatch plastics vary in type, quality, composition, color and function. Next, we will introduce the relationship between masterbatch plastics and additive products.



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The characteristics of masterbatch plastics

Masterbatch plastics can change the chemical properties of plastics and make them more durable. As a chemical modifier, masterbatch plastic plays an important role in the world of masterbatch. Antioxidants and UV stabilizers are two outstanding products in this group. The purpose of the two masterbatches is the same, that is, to extend the durability of the final product. Antioxidants can prevent or delay resin degradation caused by the presence of heat and oxygen during processing, while UV stabilizers can protect plastic products from the harmful effects of UV radiation under direct sunlight.


There are many types of masterbatch plastics. Common ones are anti-static, anti-adhesion, anti-fog, anti-skid and so on. The antistatic masterbatch provides the possibility of dissipating static charges, thereby avoiding static electricity on the surface of the final product. Antistatic additives are widely used in the manufacture of electronic components, power cables and wires, antistatic packaging and films, auto parts, etc.


Anti-fogging additives can limit the formation of water droplets on the inner and outer surfaces of the blown film due to water condensation in a humid environment, and the anti-sticking masterbatch plastic can prevent the "blocking" state on the surface of the plastic film. Anti-slip masterbatches are used in different ways to increase the coefficient of friction between blown plastic films or sheets.



Application of masterbatch plastic

Masterbatch plastics provide various mechanical improvements for products. The plastic group of mineral filler masterbatch includes many types, due to its different composition, mainly depends on the added compound. The most famous mineral filler masterbatch is calcium carbonate composite, followed by sodium sulfate filler masterbatch, barium sulfate filler masterbatch and talc filler masterbatch. All these masterbatches have a common feature, that is, their main component is a mineral compound. Although each of these additives has different characteristics, they all contribute to mechanical improvements, such as roughness, stiffness, and dimensional stability. In addition, their main function is to reduce production costs by partially replacing the required amount. Primary resin.


Filler masterbatch plastic is the most popular material in the polymer industry. Low production cost, easy availability of raw materials, low price, wide range of uses, and application to various industries and fields are its most prominent features. The filler masterbatch is composed of calcium carbonate fine powder, carrier resin, additives and colorants. Not only has a wide range of uses, composite calcium carbonate also brings various benefits to manufacturers and consumers, such as increasing productivity, lowering the price of the final product, and especially improving the various properties of the product.



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