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Do you know the application of different masterbatches in production?

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Injection molding is one of the main methods of plastic molding. Plastic products processed by injection molding methods can not only mold products with complex structures, but also have high precision, good quality and high productivity. Masterbatch also plays an important role in other production areas, let us look at it in detail below.


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Application in food packaging

Polyethylene terephthalate is a durable, light and bright plastic in the polyester series. It is often called polyester when used with fabrics and PET, and is used for bottles, cans, containers, and packaging. PET is the first choice for food and beverage packaging. That's because it is safe, reliable, light, durable and fresh. PET/polyester main particles are widely used in the production of large containers and packaging for soft drinks and water. In addition, PET plastic also provides a wide range of applications in health and safety.


Application of non-woven fabric SPC, PET, PP masterbatch

Plastic has durability, toughness, toughness and flexibility. It is used in almost all manufacturing departments to produce plastic products. Manufacturers need to use master batches, which can be filler master batches, color master batches, and plastic additives. Another important reason for using PET is its recyclability and sustainability. Most recycled PET is used to make carpets, clothing, auto parts, construction materials, and other products.


Application on non-woven fabric

Polypropylene non-woven fabrics are used to make recycled plastics. In order to bond the non-woven polypropylene plastic fibers together to form a durable material that can be used reliably for many years. Therefore, it is one of the first choices when producing reusable bags on the market.


By using polypropylene non-woven synthetic fibers, the product obtains the required performance and strength to ensure higher strength. In addition to the delivery characteristics, the masterbatch also provides complex colors and functions for the product. PP non-woven plastic resin has the ability to maintain elongation, tensile strength, increase adhesion, increase speed, and increase flexibility to increase the printability of the bag. It is commonly used and indispensable in the production of PP woven bags.



ABS masterbatch

ABS is used in various commercial and industrial applications. Its chemical resistance, heat resistance and physical effects make it an excellent material for various products. ABS plastic is fairly easy to use and has a low melting point, making it an excellent choice for modern molding techniques such as plastic injection or even 3D printing. In addition, the low cost of ABS plastic has also increased its popularity in many applications, such as automobiles, electrical equipment, sports equipment, toys, and construction.



Application in 3D printing technology

ABS has high heat resistance and easy processing, and can be used in the field of 3D printing. The ABS plastic material makes it easy to adhere, decorate and model.



The above is the application information of color masterbatch on the base material used in the production and processing of plastic products. To obtain high-quality plastic products, you need to have a source of high-quality plastic masterbatches that meet the standards and characteristics of the company's production process and characteristics. Welcome to contact us to obtain high-quality plastic filler masterbatch, modified raw material, and plastic masterbatch and other various color masterbatches.