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Do you know silicone masterbatch?

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All processed products made of silicone are called silicone products. Due to its open porous structure, it can adsorb many substances and is an excellent carrier for desiccants, adsorbents and catalysts. Do you know silicone masterbatch? What are its features and precautions for use?



What is Silicone Masterbatch

Silicone masterbatch, also known as masterbatch, is used for the coloring of various silicone products and is suitable for the molding process. It is an indispensable raw material for the coloring of silicone products. It can change the surface properties, reduce the coefficient of friction and act as a slip agent. Because of these properties, plastics processors use this additive in place of waxes and traditional oils in the manufacturing process.


Silicone masterbatch is a white particle made from 30% to 50% ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer. The additive can be dispersed in various thermoplastic resins such as PE, PP and PA. As a carrier resin, this additive improves the resin flow and processability of polymers in plastics processing.


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Main features of silicone masterbatch

1.Heat resistance: refers to the heat resistance of the color masterbatch. The larger the number, the better the heat resistance. The pigment is dispersed in polyolefin to make one-third of the standard color, and it stays for 5 minutes after molding in the injection molding machine.


2.Light fastness: refers to the ability of the color masterbatch to withstand light. Disperse the pigment in a certain medium to make a sample, and at the same time as the sample card of "Light Fastness Blue Standard", under the specified light source, after a certain period of time exposure After comparing the degree of discoloration, it is expressed in grades, with grade 1 being the worst and grade 8 being the best.


3. Migration resistance: refers to the ability of color masterbatch to resist migration, migration refers to the migration of colorants from the inside of the product to the surface of the product or from a product through the interface to the product and the solvent. Expressed in grades, grade 1 is the worst and grade 5 is the best.


4. The silicone masterbatch facilitates easy mold plastic processing in the factory. It is used to increase extrusion rates while achieving consistent die filling and lower power consumption without any modification to the equipment.


5. In molding operations, this additive helps to reduce melt viscosity and increase slip in the molding compound. This helps to improve the surface quality of the finished product, which is scratch and scratch resistant.


6. The functional masterbatch contains an appropriate amount of ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxane. The compound is suitable for a variety of polymeric carriers such as PP, EMA and PE.



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