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Do you know how to produce color masterbatch?

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Color masterbatch is a necessary pigment in plastic products, and the principle of the colour master batch granulator is to change the application of the color masterbatch in plastic products through the complex structure inside the plastic, and make the gravitational interaction between the molecules, becoming a tough plastic. The following will introduce you to the production process of masterbatch.


37. colour master batch

Requirements for the use of color masterbatch production


Pigments cannot react with resins and various auxiliaries. In other words, color masterbatches cannot participate in various chemical reactions. For example, carbon black material cannot be added to polyester because carbon black can control the curing reaction of polyester plastic. In addition, when selecting the variety of pigments, it should be noted that the pigments should not decompose and discolor under the temperature conditions of molding heating, because the temperature of plastic products molding and processing is high. In addition, inorganic pigments generally have better heat resistance, while organic pigments and fuels have poor heat resistance.


Other physical properties of the pigment should be known. For plastic products used in electrical appliances, pigments with good insulating properties should be selected. For plastic products used in food packaging materials, safe and non-toxic pigments should be selected. For outdoor plastic products, pigments with better weather resistance and aging resistance should be selected.


In order to color plastic uniformly, the pigment particles must be sufficiently refined and evenly distributed in the plastic. The dispersion of pigments not only affects the appearance of colored products, but also directly affects the quality of colored products.


In order to promote the uniform dispersion of the pigment and no more agglomeration, the melting point of the dispersant should be lower than the melting point of the resin, which has good compatibility with the resin and good affinity with the pigment. The more commonly used dispersants are polyethylene low molecular weight wax, stearate, etc.


The production process of color masterbatch


The production process requirements of plastic color masterbatch are very strict, and the wet process is generally used. The color masterbatch is made by water phase grinding, phase inversion, water washing, drying and granulation. Only in this way can the product quality be guaranteed. In addition, while the pigment is being ground, a series of tests should be carried out, such as measuring the fineness of the sanding slurry, measuring the diffusivity of the sanding slurry, measuring the solid content of the sanding slurry, and measuring the fineness of the color paste.


In conclusion, this article introduces the requirements for production of color plastic masterbatch and the production process of color masterbatch. If you are interested in color masterbatch and want to know more details, you can consult Ningbo Colour Master Batch. Ningbo Colour Master Batch is a professional color masterbatch manufacturer to provide custom color masterbatch, PA color masterbatch, pp color masterbatch, color functional masterbatch, black color functional masterbatch and so on.