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Do you know how to choose the suitable white masterbatches?

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White masterbatch made by adding titanium dioxide, whitening agent and other whitening ingredients to the carrier resin, and using part of the dispersant to improve the dispersion effect in the carrier to produce concentrated plastic particles with uniform dispersion and high quality. White color masterbatch can be applied to smooth film, blown film extrusion, injection blow molding, profile and sheet extrusion, injection molding and thermoforming processes. Do you know how to choose the suitable plastic white color masterbatch for your plastic products? This article will introduce some methods to help you select the white plastic masterbatch.


35. white PE PP masterbatch

Precautions when using White Masterbatch


When using white masterbatch, attention should be paid to the mixing method of white masterbatch. After the color silk color formula is determined, the white colour masterbatch is evenly dispersed in the polypropylene chip before spinning. This step is the key to ensure the product quality. There are two specific hybrid methods. They are measurement method and volume method. After the white masterbatch is melted in or behind the extruder, it is injected into the polypropylene melt with a small extruder, and the uniformity is good.


Another thing worth noting is that white masterbatch is best to choose the same manufacture. And in order to reduce the cost of manufacturers should choose high concentration of white masterbatch. Master material has three grades: high, middle and low. When matching colors, choose white masterbatches of different grades according to the quality requirements of optical fibers. In order to avoid the quality change of finished fiber caused by the different photothermal stability of pigment, the color of white masterbatch with the same photothermal stability level should be selected to meet the fiber quality requirements.


The indicators you should consider when you choosing white masterbatch



Since the white masterbatch contains titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide is an important factor in determining the whiteness of the white masterbatch. The size, shape, particle size distribution, content and type of impurities of titanium dioxide particles all affect the whiteness of titanium dioxide. In the white masterbatch market, many white masterbatch manufacturers use the same amount of calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, etc. instead of titanium dioxide. But these chemicals powders are not as white as titanium dioxide.


Lightfastness and Weatherability

Generally speaking, the light resistance required for white masterbatch is 7-8, the weather resistance is 4-5, and the temperature resistance is 280 degrees. In order to meet these requirements usually depends on the quality of titanium dioxide.


Printing heat sealing performance

The application of white masterbatch is very extensive and can be used in the film industry. White film products often require printing and heat sealing. Incorrect or excessive amounts of dispersants added to the colour master batch can affect the heat sealing and printing properties of the product. In addition, adding calcium carbonate to the white masterbatch will affect the printing, resulting in a decrease in the clarity and vividness of the printed pattern.


Through the introduction of the indicators of white masterbatch selection, you must know how to choose the right white masterbatch for your plastic products. If you are interested in white masterbatch, you can consider Ningbo Colour Master Batch. Ningbo Colour Master Batch is a very experienced white masterbatch supplier, he provides a variety of white PE PP masterbatch and custom color masterbatch. Welcome your inquiry.