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Do you know how color masterbatch works?

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Color masterbatch is an indispensable colorant in plastic products, and is used in blow molding products and plastic film production.

The color masterbatch is composed of three basic elements: pigments or dyes, carriers and additives. The common components are: black, white, color, additives and fillers. The color masterbatch is an aggregate made by uniformly loading a super-constant pigment in the resin, which can be called Pigment Concentration, so its tinting strength is higher than that of the pigment itself. Mixing a small amount of colour master batch and uncolored resin during processing can achieve a colored resin or product with a designed pigment concentration. Different mixing ratios and formulations produce color plastic masterbatch with different functions, which, when uniformly distributed in the polymer mixture, impart unique plastic properties to the additive. Available in granular form rather than powder or liquid, it can be blended into plastics to create a range of end-use applications such as food packaging materials, daily chemical packaging materials, automotive and pharmaceutical plastic packaging.

The plastic products we see in daily life can improve the performance of plastic products through additive masterbatch, such as lighting, anti-ultraviolet, antioxidant, antibacterial or antistatic agent. Color filler masterbatches are used to create better properties such as stiffness or lighter weight polymers.

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The application of color masterbatch

Nowadays, plastics have been widely used in the automotive industry. Black masterbatch is used in the interior and exterior trim of the car, such as the center console of various processes, instrument panel, solid and energy absorbing bumper, etc. it not only provides excellent color performance for the car interior, but also provides protection for the plastic parts of the car as a common UV absorbing material, Prevent aging and degeneration caused by ultraviolet radiation on these parts.

In addition to automotive interior accessories, agricultural irrigation plastic pipes also involve a large number of masterbatch applications. Color functional masterbatch not only provides coloring properties for these pipes, but also provides UV protection, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and other special properties.

In addition to the above applications, the color masterbatch has many other uses, such as adding anti ultraviolet and oxidation color masterbatch to the cable plastic protective sleeve materials required by the wire and cable industry, adding anti-static and oxidation color masterbatch of kanguv in civil materials to increase the service life, and in the manufacture of electronic components, antistatic color masterbatch needs to be added to prevent electrostatic breakdown of the circuit board.

Color assortment

The application environment and requirements of plastic products can be judged from the use of plastic products, such as whether it is used indoors or outdoors, and outdoor needs to be light-resistant and weather-resistant; whether it is in contact with the human body, such as children's toys, tableware, food packaging, plastic milk bottles, plastic water cups, etc. etc., the contact with the human body needs to comply with domestic and foreign safety regulations, what is the application environment temperature, what is the temperature and time that plastic products need to withstand during processing and use, these factors need to be considered when formulating color masterbatch products.