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Do you know LED and light diffusion masterbatch?

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Light diffusion masterbatch is also called composite plastic material, which mainly refers to the provision of LED light diffusion plastic particles and PC, PP, acrylic and optical masterbatches. Let's learn the specific knowledge of light diffusion plastic masterbatch together.



Knowledge of light diffusion plastics

Light-diffusing PC is the addition of light-diffusing agent to PC resin. The light diffuser has a spherical shape and is uniformly dispersed in the PC resin to form a sea-island structure. Because the refractive index of the PC resin and the light diffuser are different, the light on the surface of the light diffuser is similar to specular reflection, and after multiple reflections, the effect of light diffusion is achieved. The amount of light diffusing agent added, particle size and distribution, and refractive index determine the optical properties of the material. The indicators for evaluating the optical performance of light diffusion materials include total light transmittance, haze and dispersion.


Dispersion refers to the angle at which the relative light transmittance is 50%. How to achieve high light transmittance and high haze of astigmatic materials is a difficult point. The light from the fluorescent lamp is irradiated around, and the light irradiated from the back is reflected and returned to the front. If the front light exceeds the critical angle, it will be reflected. This light will go through various reflection processes and reach the front again. Another beam of light from the diffuser will be refracted to the inside of the diffuser. After reaching the inside of the diffuser, it meets the diffuser, performs multiple reflections and astigmatism, and maintains a certain brightness on the surface during this process.



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Characteristics of light diffusion masterbatch

The best diffusion rate of light diffusion additive masterbatch can reach 99%, the dispersion is uniform without crystal points, the average light transmittance can reach 86-93%, and the brightness is more than twice that of traditional lampshades. Mainly divided into injection molding grade, extrusion grade, blow molding grade, film grade and frosted grade.


The advantage of light diffusion material is to improve the light diffusion rate and haze of the product under the premise of ensuring high light transmittance. Through the function of the diffuser, the entire surface of the board forms a uniform light-emitting surface without forming a dark area. At present, the light diffusion plate is divided into PC light diffusion plate, PMMA light diffusion plate and PS light diffusion plate. However, PMMA is not scratch resistant, and PS has poor heat and flame resistance. At present, LED lampshades use more PC materials.



Advantages of light diffusion PC plastic

1. Optical grade PC raw materials, high light transmission, high diffusion, no glare, no light and shadow.

2. Good aging resistance, good flame retardancy and good anti-ultraviolet performance.

3. It can be extruded or injection molded, easy to use and low loss.

4. The light source has good concealment and no spot.

5. Has impact resistance.

6. It is suitable for LED bulbs, tubes, light-transmitting plates, shells, etc. Special light diffusion PC plastic for LED lighting lampshade.



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