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Do You Know Laser Marking Masterbatch?

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If you are careful enough, you will discover that there are so many things around us which are made up of plastic such as mylar plastic, which means plastics are everywhere in our daily life. As you can see, from standard products such as vci anti-rust plastic film to high-performance engineering materials, plastic is the thing commonly used by every manufacturer just like plastic masterbatch manufacturer and industry expert. In order to improve structure, quality and sustainability, plastic needs to undertake many processes like roto moulding injection moulding, sheet and pipe extrusion etc. Of course, different process will contain different features and benefits for the product.


As we all know, there are plenty of types of plastic available in market. For instance, there are different plastic such as Blow film Plastic. Also, there are different processes which need a great number of materials to produce that plastic products such as clear plastic film roll. One of the most important and irreplaceable parts of every single plastic is masterbatch just like functional masterbatch for injection molding. In this passage, you will learn more about the process of roto moding and how masterbatch is used to make product more beneficial and captivating.


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Some people may know about this term-- Laser Marking and some of them might also know masterbatches. However, do they know how they related to each other? And how they can help each other to make things clear, brighter, and visible? To be frank, laser marking should be the process in which concentrated beam light is used to create a mark of the surface. Normally speaking, laser marking done on materials like steel, titanium, copper, aluminium, plastic, ceramic, fiber, and so on. Part of materials will get marked with text, serial numbers, designs, logo, port number, ID code, and bar codes.


The Benefits Of Using Laser Marking:


There is no doubt that manufacturers can receive many benefits from the laser marking process, whether it is basic part identification and branding or complete traceability to track and trace parts from cradle to grave. Direct part related to a laser marking machine delivers durable and readable marks.


The results of these high-quality marks include:


• Greater operational efficiency and productivity with less waste.

• More visibility and accountability.

• Minimized costly threats such as quality and counterfeiting issues.

• Ensured compliance with industry regulations.


Role Of Masterbatch In Laser Marking:


Mostly black, white, and additive masterbatches used for the laser marking process. Black plastic colorant masterbatches can help the product to obtain permanent, extreme dark, corrosion-resistant, and high contrast marks which is easy to read or scan on any surface. White masterbatches such as economical white masterbatches also responsible to achieve more visibility and make the product more attractive and clear in terms of looks and quality. Additive masterbatches like functional additive masterbatches play a very important part in laser marking, material optimization with 2% to 3% addition of Laser Additives is necessary to get optimal marking contrast.


Certainly, there are plenty of manufacturers can offer you best and premium quality of masterbatches for laser marking to industries like automobile industries, medical devices, and for many other products. Thus, you can choose the most preferred product.