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Can masterbatches replace chemical dyes, and what are the advantages?

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Colour master batches have good dispersibility, good gloss, stable color, and high retention rate of plastic mechanical properties. It is suitable for various molding processes such as injection molding, plastic blowing film, blow molding and extrusion. And international environmental and safety specifications.

Color masterbatch is a new type of special colorant for polymer materials, also known as Pigment Preparation. Plastic color masterbatch are mainly used on plastics. The color masterbatch is composed of three basic elements: pigments or dyes, carriers and additives. It is an aggregate prepared by uniformly loading an extraordinary amount of pigment into the resin. It can be called pigment concentrate.

40. ABS Color Masterbatch

Advantages of color masterbatch compared to chemical dyes

The color masterbatch makes the pigment have better dispersibility in the product

In the production process of the color plastic masterbatch, the pigments must be refined to improve the dispersibility and tinting strength of the pigments. The carrier of the special color masterbatch is the same as the plastic of the product, and has good matching. After heating and melting, the pigment particles can be well dispersed in the plastic of the product.

It is beneficial to maintain the chemical stability of the pigment

If the pigment is used directly, the pigment will absorb water and oxidize due to the direct contact with the air during storage and use. After the color masterbatch is made, because the resin carrier will be pigment and air, moisture isolation, can make the quality of pigment for a long time unchanged.

To ensure the stability of the color of the product

The color masterbatch is similar to the resin particle, which is more convenient and accurate in measurement. It will not adhere to the container when mixing, and the mixing with the resin is more uniform, so it can ensure the stability of the addition amount and the color of the product.

Convenient and safe

Pigment is generally powdery, easy to fly when adding and mixing, after being inhaled by the human body will affect the health of operators. And the color masterbatch is granular and will not be scattered everywhere, so it not only protects the health of operators but also keeps the environment clean, and it is also very convenient to use. In the future, the application of color masterbatch will be more extensive, gradually replacing chemical application of dyes.

Color masterbatches have special properties that can be added

In terms of special properties, color functional masterbatch is also unmatched by general chemical dyes. Custom color masterbatch is a color masterbatch manufactured by selecting the same plastic as the carrier according to the plastic varieties specified by the user for products. For example, PP color masterbatch and ABS Color Masterbatch use PP and ABS as carriers respectively.

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