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Application Of Food Packaging Masterbatch In Bottle Cap Production?

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With the wide application of plastic bottle packaging, plastic bottle cap has also become more and more important. As an important phase in plastic bottle packaging, plastic bottle cap plays a role in protecting product quality and shaping product personality. Food packaging grade masterbatch like rubber masterbatch not only has to meet the food-grade national standards but also meets the FDA standard certification and environmental protection and health requirements. It is mainly applied to the coloring of plastic products such as heat-resistant plastic film for food packaging and plastic drinking water pipes.


Masterbatch is a new coloring product of plastics and fibers developed in the 1960s. It is a polymer compound that adds plenty of pigment evenly to resin. The main components are colorant, carrier, and additives. Additives are dispersants, smoothing agents, brighteners, anti-static agents, antioxidants, etc., which are determined according to the purpose.

Plastic bottle caps chiefly serve two purposes: beauty and sealing. First, as an integral part of plastic bottle packaging, the small plastic bottle cap can make the finishing point. The second is sealing, which protects the contents. Nowadays, the plastic bottle cap, light and easy to open is applied to beverage packaging, which not only is convenient for consumers but also speeds up the development of the beverage industry.


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The advantages and disadvantages of masterbatch and toner:


1) The masterbatch contains a carrier, whose composition is consistent with the raw material used for the bottle cap, with good matching. In this way, the masterbatch such as silicone masterbatch and raw material can achieve a very good fusion state in the screw melting process, and can greatly improve the color uniformity of the bottle cap while toner does not contain a carrier, which has fallen behind in this regard.


2) The chemical property of the pigment masterbatch is relatively active. If the pigment directly contacts air or light during storage and use, the pigment will absorb water and oxidize. The shelf life of the pigment can be extended because most of the air and water have been isolated by the resin carrier. Because toner does not contain a carrier, the shelf life of masterbatch like liquid masterbatch is much longer than that of toner.


3) Bottle cap manufacturers generally use a measuring machine to add masterbatch like granula masterbatch in proportion. Because the state of masterbatch and plastic particles is relatively similar, granular solids will not adhere to the inside of the measuring machine, so accurate measurement can be realized. However, the toner is powder, which is very easy to adhere to the hopper or the inner wall of the machine so that it can not achieve accurate measurement.


4) As toner is powdery, it is prone to pollute the workshop environment. It takes a lot of energy to clean the metering bin, pumping pipeline, hopper, etc. It is much easier to clean the masterbatch such as polypropylene masterbatch when turning color.


5) Toner is easy to float in the air, which will bring harm to the health of operators after being absorbed by human beings.


The masterbatch for bottle caps has to meet the requirements of food grade and environmental protection, and the requirements for the production process and production process of masterbatch like peroxide masterbatch are particularly strict.