some commonly knowledge of Masterbatch

1, granulation coloring and masterbatch coloring What is the difference?

Masterbatch coloring and granulation compared to coloring has the following advantages:

1.1 coloring and processing of finished products at one time to avoid the granulation of the plastic heating process, the protection of plastic products of good quality.

1.2 to make the most simple production process of plastic products.

1.3 can save a lot of power.

2, with the color masterbatch products will fade it?

There is no absolute fade of products, the use of color masterbatch coloring products are still possible to fade, but for different grades of different products only, some more obvious, while others are difficult to detect.

3, how to use color masterbatch?

Color Masterbatch use is very simple, just according to the provisions of the ratio and resin particles mixed, hand mix can be. In the operation of the equipment should pay attention to the following questions:

3.1 injection molding machine or extruder mixing chamber generally have multiple temperature zones, which near the mouth of the section of the temperature should be slightly higher, which is to make the masterbatch into the mixing chamber after the rapid melting, and plastic resin as soon as possible mixed Uniform, so that is conducive to the masterbatch pigment in the products in a good dispersion state.

3.2 The injection molding machine to the appropriate application of back pressure, which can improve the mixing effect of the screw, the pigment dispersion, the application of back pressure side effects is to slow down the injection speed.

3.3 The die temperature of the extruder is appropriately increased, and the brightness of the product can be increased.

4, how to determine the use of masterbatch ratio?

Determination of the proportion of the use of masterbatch basis is to get a satisfactory coloring effect. As long as the product surface color uniformity, no stripes and spots, can be recognized.

The proportion of the use of masterbatch can be selected as follows:

1: 100 Unless the mixing of the device is very good, otherwise prone to non-uniform dispersion of the phenomenon of pigment, the general does not recommend that customers use this ratio. However, some customers because of price pressure, in particular, want to use this ratio of color masterbatch, for the sake of customers, masterbatch manufacturers are also more production of such a low proportion of concentrated Color Masterbatch, and pigment dispersion can generally meet the requirements.

1:50 for coloring requirements General plastic products, PE, PP Color Masterbatch more use of this ratio.

1: 33–1: 25 for the coloring requirements of higher PO products, coloring requirements of low or general ABS products.

1:20 for high-grade plastic products, including PO, ABS, can be widely used in injection molding, blow molding, spinning and other processes.

1:20 or more generally used for advanced cosmetics container coloring, more for small injection molding machine.

5, how to calculate the use of color masterbatch cost?

Calculate the cost of coloring masterbatch should be deducted from the weight of the masterbatch itself, for example as follows: 100 kg of plastic resin by adding 2 kg of color masterbatch, this time the total weight of 102 kg, assuming resin price of 10 yuan / kg, (20 yuan / kg -10 yuan / kg) = 20 yuan per 100 kilograms of plastic products in the use of color due to the use of color masterbatch for the cost of: 2 kg (20 yuan / kg -10 yuan / kg) Mother and increase the cost of: 20 yuan / 102 kg × 100 kg = 19.61 yuan.

6, the use of color masterbatch will increase product cost?

In most cases this is the case. However, in some cases, the use of color masterbatch coloring than the use of coloring economy, because the color division can be through a combination of several lower-priced pigments to achieve higher prices pigment coloring effect. Also consider the following two phenomena:

6.1 In many cases, plastic manufacturers in the use of color when the pigment is not the most economical, and because of the pigment is not enough familiar with the color when repeated tests, resulting in human and material waste is very common. The use of color masterbatch does not exist this problem.

6.2 color with the masterbatch coloring products and coloring products with their grades is completely different, and its price should be higher, higher than the price of the masterbatch is often higher than the cost, so the masterbatch But can create "profits." From this perspective, in some cases, the use of color masterbatch than the use of toner coloring to be more "economic."

7, Color Masterbatch need to dry before use it?

Color Masterbatch under normal circumstances do not need to dry, can be used directly, but, ABS and NY except for the masterbatch, they should be conventional drying process.

8, the masterbatch of how long the shelf life?

Color masterbatch can be long-term preservation. The pigment dispersion in the masterbatch is fixed in the carrier resin, in a closed state, even if the quality of long-term storage will not change. But should be stored in a dry, cool environment.

9, can you use several different color masterbatch preparation?

General companies often use a few color masterbatches for small customers to prepare a specific color, but in the absence of technical guidance of the company's situation

Case, the customer can not be self-assertion with the use of several Color Masterbatch, more companies can not be mixed with the production of color masterbatch, so as not to incompatible and cause damage.

10, the use of color masterbatch will affect the performance of other products?

Some of the flame retardant products on the impact of the effect. When used in flame retardant products, should be made to the masterbatch manufacturer.

11, whether the use of mold on the masterbatch

In order to fully show the color masterbatch coloring effect, the mold must have the appropriate quality, especially the surface must be very smooth.

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